Flare and Ankr Unite to Provide Web3 Infrastructure Services for Developers

Flare Network has joined forces with Ankr, a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider and leading node provider on Binance and Polygon. The partnership aims to enhance Flare Network’s secure data acquisition and interoperability capabilities. This partnership aims to extend Flare’s suite of remote procedure call (RPC) tooling for developers, providing a broader scope of tools and resources for those building on the Flare network.

The alliance will equip developers with distributed, high-performance RPC services. These services simplify node operations, streamlining the decentralized application (dApp) development process. Moreover, developers can leverage Ankr’s Advanced APIs with custom indexing, crucial for reducing first-time onboarding friction and facilitating easy querying for on-chain data such as NFT metadata.

Flare Network: Enhancing Blockchain Utility

As an EVM-compatible Layer 1 smart contract platform, Flare is crafted to extend the utility of blockchain technology. Its optimized approach to decentralized off-chain data acquisition stands out, incorporating oracles within its network structure. This provision equips developers with a straightforward and cohesive stack for decentralized interoperability.

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Thanks to its compatibility with EVM, Flare can run any decentralized applications coded in Solidity. This compatibility allows applications to access and leverage acquired price and time series data, blockchain event and state data, and even web2 API data at a scalable level. Remarkably, dApps functioning on the network can serve multiple ecosystems through one deployment, utilizing trust-minimized bridges and data relay. This interoperable cross-chain solution positions Flare as a pathfinder, heralding new use cases and monetization models.

CEO and co-founder of Flare, Hugo Philion, gave his perspective on the partnership with Ankr, “Flare’s alliance with Ankr provides developers with access to first-rate RPC tooling supplied by the top node provider in the blockchain sector, alongside the API Portal and Google Cloud infrastructure. This collaboration emphasizes Flare’s dedication to equip developers with a versatile, robust, and reliable stack for constructing and overseeing their dApps and services, ensuring enterprise-grade standards of availability and security.”

Ankr: Leading Infrastructure Provider in Web3

Ankr has carved out a leading role as a cloud infrastructure provider in the rapidly growing Web3 space. It offers RPC services to more than 35 blockchains, including HTTPS and WebSocket RPC endpoints offered through bare metal cloud servers. Ankr boasts a comprehensive suite of developer tools designed to simplify the process of creating innovative, sophisticated, and highly scalable multichain dApps.

Josh Neuroth, the Vice President of Product at Ankr, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, “Ankr is thrilled to team up with Flare in order to craft a safer and more linked blockchain ecosystem that provides a data-heavy and interoperable experience for developers. Flare’s emphasis on prioritizing developers through robust infrastructure illustrates its commitment to become a nexus for the creation of highly secure and interconnected web3 applications.”

Ankr’s extensive infrastructure, comprising over 600 nodes spread across 12 countries on five continents, ensures that its RPC services provide the shortest possible path for dApp requests. Thanks to its load balancer, all requests to Ankr’s nodes are automatically directed to the nearest data center. This system also ensures rapid rerouting during outages or failures, maintaining a stellar 99.99% uptime. Ankr’s nodes hold an impressive industry-leading average response time of just 110ms, offering high-speed, low-latency services to the Web3 development community.


This alliance ensures developers working on Flare have superior access to high-performance RPC services and streamlined dApp development tools. Additionally, they can utilize Ankr’s Advanced APIs for onboarding and data querying. With Flare’s focus on enhanced blockchain utility and Ankr’s leadership in Web3 infrastructure, this collaboration represents a step forward in optimizing dApp development and blockchain interoperability for the Web3 ecosystem.


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