The X Collection: NFTs for Employee Engagement

There’s a Web3 move in workplace culture as the DFINITY Foundation announced a partnership with Pluxee, a digital-first employee benefits and engagement platform, and Yumi. The collaboration aims to launch Pluxee’s first-ever NFT collection, “The X Collection,” an initiative to boost employee engagement within the company.

The X Collection for Pluxee Employees

The X Collection is a part of the rebranding efforts of Sodexo to Pluxee. It encompasses 5,000 digital collectibles and reflects distinct visual elements from the 31 countries where Pluxee operates. By utilizing NFTs as a new tool to increase employee interactions and enhance company culture, the collection introduces a new application for NFTs in the corporate sphere.

Source Yumi

Aim to Increase Employee Interaction 

Open to all employees across the Pluxee platform, The X Collection aims to foster a unique platform where employees can trade these digital collectibles amongst their peers. An added layer of corporate social responsibility is also embedded within this initiative. For every claimed NFT from the X Collection, Pluxee commits to donating funds to Stop Hunger, Sodexo’s cause aimed at empowering women and young generations to eliminate hunger.

As Suvodeep Das, Global VP of Multi-benefits & Gift, remarked, “Pluxee is digital-first and committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advances such as blockchain and NFTs. DFINITY and Yumi provided the support to access this new technology quickly, and efficiently, delivering great employee experience with minimal impact on the environment and remaining true to the Pluxee brand.”

Emergence of NFT as a Service (NFTaaS)

The X-Collection, exclusively under Pluxee’s banner, is a noteworthy addition to Yumi’s expanding NFT as a Service (NFTaaS) offering. The Internet Computer blockchain, a fully decentralized, third-generation blockchain and crypto cloud infrastructure, hosts these NFTs. The hosting of NFTs on the Internet Computer happens entirely on-chain.

Melissa Song, head of growth at the Yumi NFT Marketplace, shared her thoughts on the collaboration. “We are honored to collaborate with Pluxee on their inaugural NFT collection launch. Our mission at Yumi NFT Marketplace is to empower artists and provide a platform for meaningful connections…we are excited to help Pluxee deepen their relationships with their employees using the power of NFTs and blockchain technology.”


This initiative by Pluxee and its partners illustrates how technology like NFTs could be leveraged to foster community and engagement within a workforce. This venture sets a new precedent by using NFTs to enhance employee experience. It adds a new dimension to the role of blockchain technology in everyday life. As we look forward, it will be interesting to see how this innovative use of NFTs evolves and how it shapes workplace culture within Pluxee and potentially beyond.


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