Solana’s Cardinal Protocol Shuts Down Amid Economic Challenges

Solana’s Cardinal protocol is shutting down due to economic conditions. The closure comes nearly a year after raising $4.4 million to enhance NFT utility. Despite this setback, the NFT market shows signs of maturing, with Q1 2023 being the best quarter since Q2 2022.

Cardinal Protocol’s Closure and Withdrawal Schedule:

Cardinal Labs, known for its protocols and SDKs for NFT use cases on the Solana network, announced the closure on Twitter. Withdrawals are expected to be completed by August 26. The shutdown affects various operations, including staking pool creations, token management, NFT rentals, rental extensions, social media handles, and new deposits, which will cease on July 19.

The Cardinal team attributes the closure to the challenging macroeconomic environment. Despite NFT-based products gaining traction, their adoption remains limited to the crypto maximalist community. However, the NFT market is showing signs of maturing, as indicated by a recent report from DappRadar. Although there was a decrease in trade volume in March, Q1 2023 was the best quarter for the NFT market since Q2 2022.

Implications for the NFT Market

The closure of Cardinal Protocol highlights the economic challenges faced by NFT infrastructure providers. However, it should not overshadow the overall progress of the NFT market. The increasing maturity of the market suggests growing interest and adoption beyond the crypto community.

While the closure of Cardinal Protocol may have a short-term impact, it is important to recognize the broader trends in the NFT market. With Q1 2023 being a strong quarter, it signals that NFTs are here to stay and are evolving beyond speculative hype. As the market continues to mature, we can expect more innovation, wider adoption, and increased mainstream participation.


Solana’s Cardinal protocol’s shutdown highlights the challenges faced by NFT infrastructure providers in the current economic environment. However, the NFT market is demonstrating signs of maturity, as shown by a positive Q1 2023 performance. This indicates that despite setbacks, the NFT market is evolving and gaining traction beyond the crypto community, paving the way for future growth and innovation.


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