Lega Serie A Mark Napoli and Inter’s Victories with NFT Collection and Crypto.com

The momentous victories of Napoli in Serie A and Inter’s triumphs in the EA SPORTS Supercup and Coppa Italia Frecciarossa are being celebrated uniquely this year. Crypto.com and Lega Serie A have announced the release of an exclusive collection of NFTs. These exclusive digital collectibles, available on Crypto.com NFT, offer fans a unique way to celebrate the season’s victories.

Unique NFTs and Special Opportunities for Fans

Starting today, Friday, 30 June, at 3pm CEST, and until 3pm CEST on Monday, 3 July, nine exclusive NFTs will be up for grabs. These include a 3D trophy, 3D medal, and celebration video for each of the three victorious competitions. An added incentive for fans is the opportunity to participate in a video call with a Lega Serie A Ambassador for those who purchase any NFT from this collection as an initial buyer.

The celebration extends further with a chance to win an exclusive collector’s item. For the first time ever, Lega Serie A is offering a unique NFT 3D medal that symbolizes Napoli’s Scudetto victory. The initial auction winner will own not only the digital token but also a physical replica of the Serie A champions’ medal. Napoli’s victory in 2022/23 was their first in 33 years, bringing joy to the city and its rapturous supporters.

Fans who manage to snag a complete set of either of the three competitions (Serie A, EA Sports Supercup, or Coppa Italia Frecciarossa) as an initial buyer are in for a surprise. They will receive the official pennant of the Final of that respective competition or, in the case of Serie A, a commemorative pennant. Furthermore, a Lega Serie A Ambassador autographed captain’s armband awaits those who purchase all nine NFTs across the entire collection as an initial buyer.

Lega Serie A and its Journey into NFTs

Lega Serie A’s CEO, Luigi De Siervo, has given voice to his excitement about the unique NFT collection celebrating the season’s triumphs. Drawing attention to the milestone of being the first football league to venture into NFTs last season: “In this release, we will offer the exclusive possibility through an NFT to win also the physical medal of the Serie A winners, like the one given to the Napoli players after winning the Scudetto.”

Source Lega Serie A

He continues: “We are thus continuing along the path of developing and enhancing our intellectual properties while also giving fans the exclusive opportunity to own unique collectors` items related to our competitions.”

Crypto.com’s Chief Marketing Officer, Steven Kalifowitz, also expressed his excitement about this opportunity for fans. He stated, “Providing fans unique and dynamic ways to connect with their favourite teams and moments is a great way to introduce people to the power of Web3.”

This exclusive NFT collection fosters a connection between fans, the world of football, and the innovative world of Web3. The initiative also serves as an inventive digital channel that allows fans to immerse themselves in the milestones of their favourite sport, simultaneously unlocking the door to the future of technology in Web3.


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