CoSoul – A Soulbound NFT For Web3 Work Tracking

Digital community platform Coordinape has announced the launch of CoSoul, a soulbound NFT that tracks holders’ work history within digitally-native organizations. This free-to-mint NFT, designed to function on the Ethereum layer 2 network Optimism, collects participation data, accolades, and employment verification on-chain. As non-transferable assets, Soulbound NFTs serve to represent social identity in a decentralized society.

CoSoul is not a static representation of a holder’s work history; it updates each month with new metrics and generates artwork that changes based on the holder’s activity.

The Coordinape team expressed excitement about bringing the experiences of over 15,000 users who have collected GIVE in Coordinape since its inception in 2021 onto the blockchain. They declared, “CoSoul is the first public manifestation of the Coordinape network and a primitive on which much more will be built.”

Source Coordinape

Capturing and Displaying Work History On-Chain

At the core of CoSoul are several features. Firstly, the CoSoul Soulbound NFT presents a snapshot of a holder’s work history on-chain. It can be viewed in the Coordinape app and any NFT viewing platform and incorporated into any tool that can leverage NFT data.

A CoSoul’s attributes will update each month based on the holder’s work within the Coordinape ecosystem. This process begins with an MVP metric known as Public GIVE, a normalized version of the GIVE a user has collected.

However, this is just the beginning. CoSoul’s design also includes a generative art element, creating a constantly evolving image that grows and changes as users continue to engage with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and online communities through Coordinape.

In addition, CoSoul provides a public profile that showcases the art and provenance of the GIVE received by the user. It also allows any CoSoul to be browsed to see where pGIVE originated and to view more stats and markers.

The Future of CoSoul

CoSoul is designed with flexibility and security in mind. Users can burn their CoSoul at any time, and social recovery functions are in place in case users need to change wallets.

Looking ahead, the Coordinape team has plans to continue building on CoSoul. They have provided 32 slots for additional metrics and data and intend to connect CoSoul with other dapps, platforms, and protocols.

While there are no plans for eyeball scanning, the team is focused on promoting a future of identity rooted in the history of work and human relationships. Through the lens of this ethos, Coordinape envisions CoSoul as a pivotal component in the evolving landscape of decentralized identity management.


Coordinape’s launch of CoSoul marks an intriguing move forward in the world of digital organizations and decentralized identity. This innovative soulbound NFT, free-to-mint and capable of evolving with a holder’s activity, offers a robust solution for tracking and verifying work history on-chain. With features set to expand, observing how this development influences the broader DAO and web3 landscape will be interesting.


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