Polygon Copilot: AI-Powered Platform Enhances Understanding of Polygon

The launch of Polygon Copilot, an innovative no-code Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, is set to enhance the understanding of Polygon (MATIC). Developed by Layer-E in collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, this tool aims to provide comprehensive insights and guidance on various aspects of the Polygon ecosystem, catering to users of all backgrounds.

Overview of Polygon Copilot 

Polygon Copilot emerges as an AI-powered guide that leverages extensive training on public Polygon documentation and Web3.0 content. With its broad knowledge base, it offers users valuable information and analytics across domains such as NFTs, DApps, gaming, DeFi, and social networks. The platform is specifically designed to facilitate a smooth onboarding process and cater to the informational needs of builders, enthusiasts, and curious users alike.

Features and Functionality 

Polygon Copilot’s strength lies in its ability to distil complex information into easily understandable insights. By utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, the platform ensures users receive accurate and user-friendly guidance. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of NFTs or navigating the world of DeFi, Polygon Copilot provides valuable assistance to users, empowering them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Additionally, the tool enables users to store their past chats, allowing them to keep track of their conversations and refer back to previous interactions, provided they connect their MetaMask account to the Polygon Copilot.

Significance of the Release 

The launch of Polygon Copilot coincides with Polygon’s engineering team publishing a proposal to upgrade its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) sidechain to a Layer-2 network known as ‘zkEVM Validium.’ This upgrade aligns with Polygon’s vision of Polygon 2.0, which aims to enhance scalability and security within the ecosystem. The release of Polygon Copilot further strengthens Polygon’s commitment to providing user-friendly tools that facilitate education and adoption within the Web3.0 space.


Polygon Copilot represents a significant step forward in simplifying the understanding of Polygon (MATIC) for enthusiasts. With its AI-powered capabilities, the platform offers valuable insights, analytics, and guidance across various domains within the Polygon ecosystem. This user-friendly tool aligns with Polygon’s vision of creating a more accessible and inclusive Web3.0 space. As Polygon continues to evolve and upgrade its infrastructure, tools like Polygon Copilot will play a crucial role in driving the adoption and understanding of Polygon and the broader Web3.0 ecosystem.


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