OVAL3: Bringing Web3 and NFTs to the World of Rugby

If you’re a rugby fan looking for an engaging digital experience, OVAL3 has been developed with you in mind. Quickly becoming the leader in Web3 for rugby, this fantasy card game stands out by blending the love for rugby with the opportunities provided by NFTs.

In a move aimed at increasing visibility, OVAL3 is set to launch a portion of its exclusive NFT collection on Binance NFT. The collection timed a few months ahead of the much-anticipated Rugby World Cup 2023 in France and may become the rugby equivalent of Sorare.

OVAL3: Uniting Rugby Fans and NFTs

As an ambitious player in the blockchain space, OVAL3 has set a target to bring professional rugby into the heart of Web3. Its vision involves offering players and supporters an immersive fantasy league game intertwined with NFTs.

The company has already taken its place in the industry through several exclusive partnerships with the French Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and the American Major League Rugby (MLR). The official license from the LNR, valid for nine years, has given OVAL3 the rights to the renowned TOP14 and its second division PROD2. This agreement has enabled OVAL3 to associate more than 1500 players and 30 professional clubs with the project.

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The partnership with Major League Rugby has also provided OVAL3 with a significant foothold in the transatlantic sports market. Since launching its Marketplace on April 7, 2023, OVAL3 has facilitated the purchase of player cards through auction-style bidding on Polygon. Players can assemble their star team, contributing over $100,000 in sales within two months.

Moreover, for a period of two months, select OVAL3 NFTs will be exclusively available on Binance NFT. The platform will feature exceptional cards representing players from TOP14, PRO D2, and MLR clubs. Each week, one club from each championship will be highlighted, and different cards will be auctioned off for 24 hours each day.

NFT Card Collection and Gameplay Experience

Like Sorare and other fantasy leagues, OVAL3’s cards depict players and provide real-life performance information about them. They come in five rarity levels: common, limited, rare, super rare, and unique.

To play OVAL3’s fantasy game, users follow three simple steps: collecting “player” cards on the Oval3 marketplace or Binance NFT, forming a team of 5 players and participating in competitions against other managers, and winning rewards based on their leaderboard ranking. These rewards include cards, OVL3 tokens, merchandise, match tickets, and real-life fan experiences.

In its quest to become the global platform for digital assets in rugby, OVAL3 is paving the way for an immersive fan experience, combining Web3 technologies and traditional game modes.

From OVAL3’s perspective, the future of rugby is digital, immersive, and deeply engaging. With the amalgamation of NFTs and fantasy leagues, rugby fans can look forward to a new digital experience.


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