The Future of NFTs in Minecraft: Mojang’s Ban Update

The use of NFTs in the popular game Minecraft has been a topic of ongoing discussion. In July 2022, Mojang, the Microsoft-owned developer of Minecraft, announced its intention to ban the use of NFTs on player-run servers. However, nearly a year later, the implementation of the ban has yet to take effect. Despite the delay, Mojang remains steadfast in its plans.

Minecraft to Ban NFTs

Mojang aims to update the game’s usage guidelines to explicitly restrict the use of NFTs. The developer has stated that it generally does not support or allow integrations of NFTs with Minecraft. The ban is expected to specifically target the use of NFT assets that “gate” or restrict access to certain content or features on fan-operated game servers.

Mojang’s decision stems from its belief that NFTs and other blockchain technologies create digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which contradicts Minecraft’s values of creative inclusion and playing together.

The developer also expresses concerns about the speculative pricing and investment mentality surrounding NFTs, as they believe it detracts from the core focus of the game and encourages profiteering.

While the ban has been delayed, a Microsoft representative confirms that the update to the official guidelines is still forthcoming, and there has been no change in the planned policy. The exact timeline for implementation remains uncertain, but Mojang’s stance against NFTs in Minecraft remains unwavering.

Impact of Ban

The delay in the ban has already affected third-party Web3 projects built around Minecraft servers. One such example is NFT Worlds, which had to pivot and create Topia, an original game that is visibly inspired by Minecraft but built from scratch. This shift highlights the challenges faced by projects relying on NFT integrations within the Minecraft ecosystem.

Mojang’s plans to ban NFTs in Minecraft continue to be on track, despite the delay in implementation. The developer remains committed to updating the game’s guidelines to restrict the use of NFTs in order to uphold Minecraft’s values of creative inclusion and discourage profit-driven behavior. As the ban looms, the impact on third-party projects that had built around NFTs in Minecraft is already being felt. It will be interesting to see how the Minecraft community and its ecosystem adapt to the forthcoming changes.


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