AliExpress Launches NFT Sales in Collaboration with Moment3

AliExpress, the global e-commerce platform and a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, has announced a partnership with The Moment3 for the sale of 5,555 NFTs. This strategic collaboration marks AliExpress’ expansion into the Web3 space and demonstrates its continued interest in crypto-related ventures.

AliExpress Accelerates Web3 Plans

In June 2022, Alibaba Cloud launched a service that facilitates the building of NFT marketplaces. This solution addressed compliance issues and provided a reliable option for creating NFT marketplaces.

AliExpress’s collaboration with The Moment3 is another step in the company’s Web3 journey. The Moment3 is an NFT project that connects real-world businesses with the Web3 ecosystem. Through this partnership, AliExpress users will have the opportunity to shop for Moment themes on the platform.

Furthermore, AliExpress recently announced a partnership with, an online platform that allows users to shop and pay with cryptocurrencies on popular e-commerce stores like eBay and Walmart. This partnership enabled AliExpress to accept various cryptocurrencies as payment options, expanding its reach in the crypto community. Additionally, AliExpress added the meme coin FLOKI to its list of supported digital assets on May 31.

Legal Standing of NFTs Trading in China

While Alibaba Group is headquartered in China, AliExpress does not serve customers in mainland China. This distinction allows AliExpress to accept crypto payments despite the Chinese government’s ban on cryptocurrency transactions.

China imposed a ban on all crypto transactions in September 2021 and has issued several warnings about the risks associated with NFT speculation. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China, the country’s top prosecuting body, has raised concerns about the lack of standards and clear regulations in the Chinese NFT market. They emphasized the need for a legal framework to address financial, management, network security, and legal risks associated with NFTs.


AliExpress’s partnership with The Moment3 for NFT sales demonstrates the company’s commitment to expanding into the Web3 space. As a global e-commerce platform, AliExpress is taking strategic steps to integrate NFTs into its offerings and cater to the growing demand for digital collectibles.

Despite the ban on cryptocurrency transactions in mainland China, AliExpress’s international focus allows it to accept crypto payments and explore crypto-related ventures. As the NFT market continues to evolve, regulatory clarity and standards will be crucial to ensure a secure and transparent environment for market participants.

AliExpress’s entry into the NFT space signifies the ongoing convergence of traditional e-commerce and the decentralized digital economy.


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