Finblox teams up with Binance NFT and local communities to drop AI-powered NFT Collection ‘Bloxies’

Manila, 10 Jun, 2023 – Crypto super-app Finblox have tapped major NFT communities, crypto content creators, and celebrities in Southeast Asia; including the Web3PH Community from the Philippines to introduce Bloxies – a PFP NFT collection featuring 10,000 unique AI robots on the blockchain.

Bloxies are more than just a collection of NFTs – initially, they will serve as a digital identity within the Finblox ecosystem, granting access to a range of exclusive benefits. Holders of Bloxies will enjoy access to FinLaunch launchpad projects, FinGPT AI consultant, airdrops and invites to in-real-life events exclusive to Bloxies holders only.

“As the collection evolves, the community will play a pivotal role in shaping its future utility. Imagine a future where Bloxies holders can showcase their unique AI robots not only within the Finblox ecosystem but also in virtual reality galleries, augmented reality experiences, and even immersive metaverse environments. These digital companions could become a symbol of identity and self-expression, acting as avatars in virtual worlds, attending virtual events, and participating in interactive experiences.” said Peter Hoang, Co-founder and CEO of Finblox. “By combining art, technology, and utility, we want Bloxies to set the stage for a new era of digital identity and engagement.”

All Bloxies holders will have commercial rights akin to the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). This grants holders the ability to commercialise their tokens, further enhancing the value and potential of the collection. They can leverage their ownership to create merchandise, collaborate with brands, or develop digital experiences that showcase the personality and individuality of their Bloxies.

Starting July 4, Bloxies will be made accessible to different cohorts for the primary market including members of the vibrant top-tier NFT communities as well as holders of the Finblox (FBX) token. By extending the availability of Bloxies to members of these NFT communities, the collection aims to create a sense of unity and shared interest among individuals who appreciate the significance of digital art and blockchain technology. In addition to the NFT communities, certain holders of the FBX token are granted free access to Bloxies – the criteria can be found in this VIP Registration Form.

“We look forward to seeing Bloxies come to life and witness the impact it will have on the broader community. The collection’s innovative fusion of AI and blockchain technology not only pushes the boundaries of digital art but also empowers individuals to explore new avenues of creativity and self-expression. Bloxies is a testament to the transformative power of NFTs in shaping the future of digital collectibles, and we are honoured to be one of the communities who can benefit from this groundbreaking movement.” As mentioned by Christopher Star of Web3PH, a self-organised local crypto community from the Philippines.

A part of the collection will be sold on the Binance NFT marketplace – providing access to the platform’s 120 million user base. Interested NFT collectors will also have an opportunity to get limited whitelist spots by registering on Premint:

The planned launch date for Bloxies is 4th July, which will be confirmed on the official Twitter account of the collection:

About Bloxies:

Bloxies are 10,000 unique AI robots on the blockchain with commercial rights launched by Finblox and several NFT communities. Finblox is a leading crypto superapp backed by the renowned investors like Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly, and Saison Capital, Finblox offers a suite of products including trading, staking, and AI games.


Press Contact:

Geoff Mabasa Growth Lead, Finblox


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