Ascenders: Discover the RPG Reimagining Web3 Gaming

Ascenders takes you on a journey into a new science-fantasy world. The stage is set for a multi-dimensional gaming experience underpinned by a DeFi-based economy and an evolving player-driven narrative.

As a teaser to the full-blown RPG adventure, the “Ascenders Simulation” is slated for release this month, with the full game set to launch next year. Read on to explore the game’s mechanics, economy, and NFTs that could make Ascenders the next big thing in Web3 gaming.

What Is Ascenders?

Ascenders is an original AAA multiplayer open-world Action RPG inspired by well-loved titles such as “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Eve Online.” It claims to marry these influences, creating an experience within the dynamic crypto-gaming scene. In doing so, Ascenders introduces a new multi-platform science-fantasy world teeming with danger, adventure, and exotic horizons waiting to be explored and mastered.

The Allure of a New Frontier

Set in the not-so-distant future, Ascenders brings players to the shores of an intriguing and enigmatic alien world. This world forms the backdrop just as human explorers find themselves unexpectedly marooned. The game teases many mysteries, hidden places, and deeper conjectures, ripe for player discovery.

A Universe of Side Missions

The game’s complexity is enhanced by the presence of numerous side missions. These missions provide rewards and allow players to embark on more compact, individual journeys. Found in local settlements or the broader game world, these missions present ample opportunities for player exploration and progression.

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The Economy of Ascenders: A Radical RPG Vision

Ascenders aims to depart from the standard, reworking the customary RPG economy to fit within the structure of DeFi. This approach doesn’t merely graft NFTs onto a typical RPG system. Rather, Ascenders envisions a completely decentralized multiplayer RPG economy, utilizing DeFi principles.

The Power in Players’ Hands

In Ascenders’ unique economy, all items are created by players at player-operated smitheries located on player-owned land. Instead of buying resources from the game developer, they trade for them at a global marketplace. In-game guilds offer membership through their unique guild tokens. Even the DAO actively balances the economy, giving more power to the player community.

Ascenders: A Multitude of Roles

Within the Ascenders universe, opportunities exist to contribute to the economy, each presenting its own resources, loops, and strategies.

Explorers: The Frontline Adventurers

Explorers are the backbone of the narrative, playing the story, completing quests, and venturing into the expansive open world. They seek resources in the wild, some of which are only available in hard-to-reach places, making these valuable commodities in the game’s economy.

Fighters: The Defenders and Conquerors

Fighters are the warriors taking on the hardest remnants and defeating the biggest bosses. Success in this role depends on selecting the right specialization for each fight, planning ahead, and assembling the strongest teams.

Builders: The Architects of the Economy

Builders are the visionaries, playing the long game. They invest in buildings and tech trees that permanently change the economy and the world. Their hard work and research in the markets often yield great rewards.

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Ascenders as a Platform: Harnessing Blockchain Tech

Ascenders is built on an Avalanche Subnet, allowing third-party developers to develop their own GameFi features to extend the economy. This leads to the development of a continuously changing sandbox economy. The technology not only integrates well with GameFi but also makes use of the existing security measures and infrastructure of the Avalanche Network. It results in a significant decrease in gas costs, roughly around 80%, for users when compared to operations on the Avalanche C-Chain.

The Global Marketplace: Trading and Transactions

Ascenders will house a full-function marketplace where players can trade almost everything in the game. Players get to decide what to list on the marketplace. They can set their own fixed denomination asking price within a defined range.

Ascenders Bank and DEX

Ascenders Bank is a lending and borrowing platform for Premium Resources. It’s designed to allow players to lend and borrow resources, adding another layer of strategy and resource management to the game. Ascenders DEX enables trading these resources, further facilitating economic activity within the game.

Ascenders Governance: Power to the Players

The Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) token is the cornerstone of the Ascenders universe, offering various utilities within the ecosystem. Furthermore, the Ascenders DAO brings to life a progressive decentralization approach, gradually transferring governance powers to AGC token holders.

Ascenders Governance Council Token

The Ascenders Governance Council (AGC) token is at the centre of the Ascenders ecosystem. Its multi-purpose nature includes governance, staking, guild upgrades, purchasing high-end items, and gaining access to VIP events.

Ascenders DAO: Progressive Decentralization

The Ascenders DAO is a significant aspect of the game’s governance structure. It represents a community-oriented approach and progressively decentralizes governance powers to the AGC token holders. Over time, token holders will obtain complete autonomy over the DAO treasury. They can vote on game features, event schedules, and integration of 3rd party DeFi apps.

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NFTs in Ascenders

NFTs form an integral part of the Ascenders universe. They come in various forms, such as gear like weapons and armour, hero avatars, and land parcels.

NFT Gear

The gear in Ascenders, which includes a variety of weapons, armour, and more, is all player-crafted. These NFT items can be acquired through crafting or through the marketplace.

NFT Hero Avatars

Hero avatars in Ascenders are designed to be unique and possess various skills and attributes. These avatars can be customized and improved over time, offering an in-depth personalization system that adds to the overall gaming experience.

NFT Land Parcels

NFT land parcels in Ascenders are unique land plots that players can buy, sell, and use. Land ownership confers several benefits, such as resource gathering, building game structures, and influencing the game’s economy and world.

Land Ownership: Influencing the Game World

Landowners hold a privileged position within Ascenders. They gain access to the resources on their land, the ability to construct game structures, and the power to influence the game’s economy and world. They can even rent out their land to other players, creating another avenue of income and participation within the game’s economy.

Final Thoughts

Ascenders offers a compelling blend of traditional RPG elements and innovative blockchain technology. The game aims to open up new opportunities for players to engage in its economy through exploration, combat, or building. Its unique approach to integrating blockchain technology into a AAA game shows the potential for the future of gaming. As we await its launch, the journey of Ascenders is certainly one to watch.

NFTs in Ascenders represent gear, hero avatars, and land parcels. Players can craft gear, customize avatars, and use land parcels to gather resources and influence the game’s economy.

Landowners in Ascenders can gather resources, construct game structures, and influence the game’s economy. They can also rent out their land to other players, adding another layer to the game’s economic activities.

Ascenders is a AAA multiplayer open-world action RPG set in a science-fantasy world. It uniquely integrates a decentralized economy and a player-driven narrative within the gaming experience.

Ascenders differs from traditional RPGs by incorporating a DeFi-based economy and NFTs. It allows players to create in-game items, trade at a global marketplace, and gives them power to balance the economy.

Players can choose to be Explorers, Fighters, or Builders, each role contributing uniquely to the game’s economy and story. Explorers discover resources, Fighters tackle quests, and Builders shape the economy.

Ascenders is built on an Avalanche Subnet. This technology allows third-party developers to extend the economy and significantly reduces gas costs for users compared to operating on the Avalanche C-Chain.


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