FC Barcelona NFTs: A Win for the Planet

In an alliance with Plastiks, FC Barcelona is poised to make a significant stride towards environmental responsibility. The club is introducing a unique collection of NFTs through an intersection between sports and digital technology. This initiative is not merely about digital art; it’s a step towards plastic recovery, aiming to retrieve one million kilograms of plastic.

FC Barcelona & Plastiks: A Partnership for the Planet

With its strong global following of over 400 million fans, FC Barcelona has often been at the forefront of leading the engagement charge in football. Recognising the potential of their influence, the club seeks to drive sustainability initiatives using Web 3.0, to alleviate environmental waste.

In light of this, FC Barcelona and Plastiks are introducing an exclusive collection of NFTs—digitised cards, to be exact. Named “Unleash Your Passion,” this collection comprises 3,000 collectible, animal-themed digital art pieces. Each piece is a step in removing 35 million kilograms of plastic from our planet.

Consider this: a football match generates over 8,000 kilograms of plastic waste. This NFT collection, therefore, offsets the equivalent waste produced by four football matches. This aligns perfectly with FC Barcelona’s 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, which identifies sustainability as one of its three key pillars: economic, sports, social, and environmental. True to this strategic plan, the club is working to encourage sustainable development across all its operational spheres.

Source Plastiks

The Director of FC Barcelona’s Sustainability Area, Jordi Portabella, shared some thoughts on the initiative: “The launch of this project also means a message to generate awareness among people worldwide who want to contribute to creating a more sustainable society and help to recover the environment”.

Ownership Perks of the NFT Collection

Ownership of these NFTs comes with unique perks. Apart from the distinct honour of owning a piece of exclusive digital art crafted jointly by FC Barcelona and Plastiks, purchasing an NFT also signals support for environmental conservation efforts.

Owners also gain access to many fan and collector benefits, including limited edition content and the chance to win one of 10 signed shirts from the FC Barcelona men’s first team – the current Spanish league champions.

How to Get Your Hands on the Collection

Acquiring a piece of this animal-themed “Unleash Your Passion” collection is straightforward. Each digital card is available for $30 through the Plastiks marketplace, which specialises in sustainability-linked digital items. So, why not score a goal for the environment today?


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