Anoma Foundation Advances Blockchain Innovation with $25M Fundraising

The Anoma Foundation, a Swiss non-profit renowned for its pioneering work in blockchain technology, has announced the successful completion of a $25 million fundraising round. Led by influential blockchain-focused venture capital firm CMCC Global, this represents the Foundation’s third funding round. The overarching mission? Catalyzing the launch of the third generation of blockchains to overhaul the existing financial system and reinstate power to users.

Backing the Vision: An Industry-wide Endeavor

During the fundraising phase, the Anoma Foundation received significant support from leading industry figures, including investments from Electric Capital, Delphi Digital, Dialectic, KR1, Spartan, NGC, MH Ventures, Bixin Ventures, No Limit, Plassa, Perridon Ventures, Anagram, and Factor.

Over 30 angel investors, from founders of L1s and dApps to ZK cryptographers, echoed this support, endorsing the Foundation’s vision for a new approach to blockchain infrastructure.


Anoma: Redefining Blockchain Architecture

Anoma’s intent-centric architecture, a crucial part of the Foundation’s innovative focus, is turning heads in the blockchain industry. It presents a fresh paradigm for building blockchain infrastructure layers and sets Anoma apart from traditional blockchain platforms.

Adrian Brink, Co-founder of Anoma, shed light on this, stating, “Anoma is the first generalized intent-centric blockchain architecture which enables truly decentralized applications, from decentralized DEXs to decentralized rollup sequencers. Compared to existing architectures such as Ethereum/EVM, it makes dApps an order of magnitude more composable and an order of magnitude easier to build.”

Charting a Path for Full Decentralization

This unique architecture heralds a significant change for existing Web2.5 apps, including rollups, decentralized exchanges, and NFT marketplaces, enabling their transition to full decentralization. More importantly, it allows for the emergence of innovative applications previously unthinkable on existing architectures.

Reflecting on this, Charlie Morris, Co-founder and Managing Partner of CMCC Global, commented, “The team is pushing the boundaries of protocol design and reimagining how base layer infrastructure should operate. It is refreshing to see Anoma’s designs and philosophy against the backdrop of a homogenous group of layer-1 smart contract platforms.”

Utilizing the Funding to Propel Innovation

The significant funding raised will further develop and enhance Anoma’s intent-centric architecture. The Anoma Foundation’s commitment to driving innovation will be evident in ongoing research and development initiatives and the nurturing of an active ecosystem.

Tommy Shaughnessy, Founding Partner of Delphi Digital, expressed enthusiasm for Anoma’s innovative design. He stated, “Anoma’s intent-centric architecture represents a significant advancement across all fronts of blockchain infrastructure including scalability, UX, privacy and interoperability. We are excited to be part of their journey towards revolutionizing decentralized applications.”

The Anoma Foundation’s successful fundraising is a big vote of confidence from the industry in its unique intent-centric architecture and ambitious goals. By helping developers build applications beyond the limits of existing systems, the Foundation is leading the way in blockchain technology and pushing for complete decentralization. What lies ahead is a journey that could usher us into a new era of Web3.


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