Upland Gears Up for Genesis Week 2023: A Spectacular Celebration in Las Vegas

As the countdown to Genesis Week 2023 begins, the Upland community is abuzz with excitement. Upland, a blockchain-based virtual world, has revealed an impressive lineup of exhibitors and panels for its highly anticipated event. Set to take place in Las Vegas from June 5 to June 9, Genesis Week 2023 promises an action-packed week filled with challenges, in-game events, live streams, giveaways, and most notably, live in-person events that will truly immerse participants in the Upland experience. 

What’s on Exhibition?

The stage is set for an impressive lineup of exhibitors from the Upland community at Genesis Week 2023. UPX World, Upland Kingdoms, Uplanders Brew, The Real Node LA, ViVA Las Upland, The XNFT, Bored Uplander Club, UpxLand, Metaverse Ventures Entertainment, and Upland-Guide, among others, will present their groundbreaking projects. With a diverse range of participants, attendees can expect an engaging display of innovation, highlighting the endless possibilities within Upland’s immersive metaverse.

Each exhibitor brings a unique perspective and contribution to the Upland ecosystem. For example, UPX World aims to enhance the user experience and foster community engagement while Upland Kingdoms introduces an exciting realm of virtual land ownership and management. On the other hand, Uplanders Brew offers a social gathering place for Upland users while ViVA Las Upland brings the energy and vibrancy of Las Vegas into the metaverse.

A Plethora of Panels and Live In-Person Events to Attend

Genesis Week 2023 will also feature engaging panel discussions hosted by key figures in the Upland community. These panels aim to explore various aspects of Upland’s impact and evolution. Attendees will be able to join in on conversations relating to topics such as the Influence of Communities and Metaventures in Upland, Upland Economics, Evolution of Racing in Upland, and Envisioning the Future of the Metaverse & Gaming. The hosts — including 2stupid2win, TheGoldsmith, Dak, and Loyldoyl — will provide valuable insights and seek to foster a deeper understanding of Upland’s ever-evolving landscape.

That said, undoubtedly, the highlight of Genesis Week 2023 will be the various live in-person events taking place in Las Vegas. From June 8 to June 9, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to join the Upland team and fellow Uplanders for an immersive and unforgettable experience. 

The event schedule is packed with exciting activities, including the Live City Opening with the Upland Community, a Product Panel & Ask Me Anything (AMA) session presented by Upland, community-led exhibitor presentations, panels featuring Upland community members, a social gathering for drinks and dinner, the Upland Awards Show & Grand Prize Drawing, and a live music performance. These events provide the perfect setting for networking, collaboration, and celebration within the vibrant Upland community.

Block Explorers and Tickets

As a token of appreciation, Genesis Week 2023 attendees will receive exclusive Block Explorers. Those attending the event in Las Vegas can claim either the Early Bird Attendee SuperFest ’23 Drums Block Explorer or the General Admission Attendee SuperFest ’23 Guitar Block Explorer. It’s worth noting that physical attendance at Genesis Week is a requirement to receive these limited edition rewards. Individuals who wish to ensure their place in this historic celebration can secure your tickets now.

Unleashing Creativity and Expanding Horizons the Upland Way

In addition to all of the information presented above, it also bears mentioning that Upland made waves by announcing the introduction of “Wearable Legits,” an innovation that allows Uplanders to personalize their avatars with Brazilian-inspired costumes from the renowned Mangueira samba school in Rio de Janeiro. The feature encourages users to express their individuality and engage more deeply with the platform’s virtual world. 

Similarly, the project also expanded its digital map to include two iconic cities: London and Birmingham to its sprawling digital landscape. To mark this expansion, Upland unveiled 14 London Map Asset Chess Piece designs, bringing a touch of British charm to the game. By seamlessly integrating real-world landmarks and experiences into the virtual realm, Upland offers players the opportunity to explore and engage with the rich culture and history of these cities. 

Looking Ahead

Genesis Week 2023 is set to be an exceptional celebration of Upland’s birth and the remarkable growth it has achieved. With a remarkable lineup of exhibitors, insightful panel discussions, and exclusive rewards, Upland enthusiasts and blockchain enthusiasts seem to be looking forward to the event. Whether one may be looking to participate online or join the live events in Las Vegas, Genesis Week 2023 promises an indelible experience that can showcase the potential of Web3 tech.


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