PFL and CrossTower Partner to Offer NFT VIP Tickets

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), a leading MMA organization, has joined forces with CrossTower, a global Web3 technology company, to introduce a groundbreaking partnership. The collaboration aims to provide PFL fans with unique and exclusive NFT VIP experiences through the XRP Ledger blockchain.

Limited NFT VIP Tickets

PFL and CrossTower are set to release a limited number of NFT VIP tickets in conjunction with the upcoming PFL Regular Season event on June 23rd at Atlanta’s OTE Arena.

These tickets grant buyers access to unprecedented VIP experiences, including SmartCage-side seating, a special weigh-in event, fighter meet-and-greets, VIP entrance and hospitality, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and discounts for future events.

Additionally, select purchasers will have the chance to step inside the PFL SmartCage for their own ring-walk and photo opportunity. The NFT VIP tickets will be available for purchase starting May 23rd through the CrossTower ticketing platform.

PFL and CrossTower’s Collaboration

PFL CEO Peter Murray expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the transformative impact of NFT ticketing on fan engagement. In addition, CrossTower CEO Kapil Rathi emphasizes the groundbreaking nature of the collaboration, noting that these unparalleled experiences have never been offered to the PFL fanbase before.

The NFTs used in the partnership are built on XRP Ledger, an energy-efficient and decentralized blockchain renowned for its decade-long track record of enterprise-grade capabilities.

Overview of PFL

As the fastest-growing company in MMA and the second-largest MMA organization worldwide, PFL distinguishes itself with a unique sports-season format.

This format includes regular seasons, playoffs, and championships each year, where fighters must win and advance. The PFL fighter roster boasts representatives from over 20 countries, with 25% of them independently ranked in the top 25 of their weight classes.

The company prides itself on technological innovation, exemplified by the proprietary PFL SmartCage, which enables real-time betting and delivers an immersive viewing experience. PFL events are broadcast live in the U.S. on ESPN and ESPN+, reaching 140 countries through partnerships with 25 international media outlets.


The partnership between PFL and CrossTower signifies a major breakthrough in fan experiences through the integration of blockchain technology and NFTs. The introduction of NFT VIP tickets sets a new standard in the MMA industry, providing added value and exclusive opportunities for PFL fans. This collaboration showcases the potential of blockchain technology to enhance fan engagement and change the way sporting events are experienced.


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