Gala Games and PokerGO to Develop Web3 Social Poker

Gala Games, a prominent blockchain gaming studio, has partnered with the poker streaming network PokerGO to create a pioneering Web3 social poker game called PokerGO Play.

Scheduled for beta testing in June 2023, this innovative game aims to revolutionize the online poker landscape by integrating web3 technology and social elements.

A Fusion of Web3 and PokerGO

Gala Games and PokerGO have combined their expertise to develop PokerGO Play, a cutting-edge product that merges high-end web3 components with the established platform of PokerGO. This unique blend promises a one-of-a-kind social gaming experience for poker enthusiasts worldwide, offering a seamless integration of web3 technology and social features.

One of the standout features of PokerGO Play is the ability for players to customize their in-game avatars, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience.

Furthermore, participants can win actual prizes while playing the game. The innovative platform functionality allows users to upgrade their characters and receive unique real-world rewards, enhancing the overall immersion and excitement.

Richard Blankenship, Chief Revenue Officer of PokerGO, expressed his appreciation for the collaboration between PokerGO and Gala Games. He highlighted the combination of PokerGO’s extensive experience in poker entertainment and Gala Games’ cutting-edge web3 development capabilities as the driving force behind the creation of a superior social poker game.

Expanding Sponsorship Opportunities

As part of the partnership, PokerGO Play will also become a significant sponsor of PokerGO, unlocking extensive marketing opportunities across PokerGO’s content range. This sponsorship includes major events like the prestigious World Series of Poker, ensuring heightened visibility for PokerGO Play and further cementing its presence in the poker community.

The announcement of PokerGO Play comes on the heels of PokerGO’s successful release of the Genesis NFT collection. This collection, featuring depictions of every possible initial hand in Texas Hold’em, generated substantial market interest. With a floor price of 0.1 ETH, the collection transacted approximately 52 Ether, demonstrating the demand for unique and collectible offerings in the market.

Anticipated Launch and Industry Impact

The collaboration between Gala Games and PokerGO signifies the convergence of web3 development capabilities and poker entertainment expertise. This partnership holds the promise of delivering an unparalleled social poker gaming experience. As the launch of PokerGO Play approaches, anticipation grows within the gaming community, with players eagerly awaiting the opportunity to immerse themselves in this cutting-edge web3 poker experience.


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