Amazon Anywhere: Merging the Worlds of Gaming and Shopping

Gone are the days when the joy of gaming was only about finishing a level or defeating a boss. Now, with Amazon’s revolutionary service, Amazon Anywhere, you can enjoy an immersive shopping experience right within your favorite video games, virtual worlds, and mobile apps.

Amazon Anywhere is an innovative program that allows you to buy physical products from Amazon’s vast online store without having to exit your game or app. It’s a perfect blend of fun and convenience, transforming the way we perceive entertainment and shopping.

The First Step into Shopping in Augmented Reality

The first game to offer this exciting service is Peridot, a new real-world augmented reality adventure pet game from Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go. Peridot is not just another game; it offers a unique experience with its AI-powered virtual pets. Available on iOS and Android devices, the game lets you care for one-of-a-kind creatures and explore the world alongside them.

While engaging with these magical creatures, you can access a range of Peridot-branded products within the game. Think T-shirts, hoodies, phone accessories, and throw pillows adorned with artwork of your favorite Peridot characters.

The Future of Shopping in Digital Experiences

What sets Amazon Anywhere apart from other initiatives in virtual worlds is the ability to purchase physical products. Typically, virtual world shopping is limited to virtual currency or in-game digital items. But Amazon Anywhere is changing the game, quite literally.

Amazon Anywhere isn’t just for gamers; it also presents a unique opportunity for creators and developers. By curating products from Amazon’s selection, including their own merchandise, creators can extend their digital experiences into the physical world.


The launch of Amazon Anywhere marks the beginning of a new era in the intersection of e-commerce and gaming. It’s a fascinating preview of the future, where shopping in the metaverse isn’t just about virtual goods but about bringing the convenience and ease of shopping to our favorite virtual and interactive environments. 

So, the next time you’re deep into your gaming session, remember, you could also be shopping for your favorite merchandise. After all, who wouldn’t want to combine the thrill of gaming with the pleasure of shopping?


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