Prison Diaries: A Unique Collectible Series Capturing the Raw Essence of Human Emotion and Experience

Dive into the introspective world of “Prison Diaries,” a one-of-a-kind collectible series that explores the raw emotions and experiences of life within the walls of a prison cell. This captivating body of work, created by Plenty Works, the collaborative practice of Sina Erol and Clarisse Empaynado, takes you on a journey through the depths of the human psyche as it navigates the viewer through spaces of bare emotion, composed of color and line.

Prison Diaries represents the delicate projection of one’s momentary self to the outside environment through a series of meticulously hand-drawn and hand-painted attributes that give presence and personality to the otherwise cold and naked walls of the prison cell.

Each piece in the collection portrays the frontal view of the cell space, completed with a window, seat or plumbing fixture, wall, floor, and prison bars that push the composition from an abstract image to a familiar space.

Source Prison Diaries

Exploring the Depths of Human Emotion through Craft, Color, and Line

This stunning, hand-crafted series features a total of 20,000 unique collectible items that will be available for purchase on Plenty Works’ Opensea account starting on May 22nd.

In addition to the digital collection, a selection of the Prison Diaries series will be exhibited as physical prints at Arts Letters and Numbers during the upcoming Stratigraphy exhibition. Please visit Plenty Works’ Website, Instagram, or Discord for more information.

Prison Diaries
Sina Erol (Left) and Clarisse Empaynado (Right) – the founders and creators behind Plenty Works

Own a Piece of This Extraordinary Journey Through Art and Empathy

This exclusive event offers art enthusiasts and collectors the chance to witness firsthand the incredible detail and emotion captured in each piece, as well as an opportunity to engage in a conversation about the complexities of the human experience in isolation.

Don’t miss your chance to own a part of this extraordinary series that delves into the intricate relationship between thoughts, senses, and the spaces we inhabit.

To explore, relate, and acquire your very own piece of this emotional journey, visit OpenSea.


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