DEFY: The Play-and-Earn NFT Game Blending AR and Code-Breaking

The mobile gaming landscape is experiencing a breath of fresh air with the introduction of DEFY, a play-and-earn blockchain game. DEFY provides an immersive experience for players by bridging the virtual and physical worlds. Its distinctive fusion of hyper-casual code-cracking gameplay and tangible exploration via augmented reality (AR) distinguishes DEFY in the gaming industry.

What is DEFY?

Set in the near-future dystopian world of 2049, a Revolutionary Movement led by kha0s and his crew aims to take down the faceless corporation Future Systems. This sinister corporation has gained dangerous levels of control over global networks that run cyberspace, leaving the general population bereft of privacy and individuality.

Players join DEFY as Operatives, working together to keep cyberspace and the metaverse open. kha0s, the founder of DEFY, has created Virtual Private Masks (VPMs) as an essential weapon to hide Operatives’ identities in the fight against Future Systems.

The primary mission involves hacking cell towers to reveal wallet locations, stealing them, and extracting funds before they reach Future Systems HQ. However, players must exercise caution, as drones patrol each area. Failing to hack a tower could result in harsh penalties. Successfully completing tasks rewards Operatives with FCOIN.

What Enhances DEFY’s Gameplay Experience?

To enhance the gameplay experience, DEFY developers have expanded the game’s storyline. They employ three mediums to advance the lore and have plans to give users creative control over the metaverse narrative in the future. These mediums include a #lore channel on Discord, Group Missions requiring cooperation to solve puzzles, and a web series called Operatives. The first episode of Operatives premiered on July 28, 2022, and new episodes are expected to be released quarterly.

How Does DEFY’s In-Game Economy Work?

To create a player-centric experience, DEFY’s in-game economy has been designed with a dual currency model, an extensive set of customizable and tradable game assets, and multiple incentive mechanisms for players who put in the effort.

The DEFY utility token allows users to acquire in-game assets, interact with other users, and enhance their effectiveness as Operatives in the game. Players can redeem DEFY tokens with FCOIN, earned through in-game achievements, or purchase $DEFY via a Centralized (CEX) or Decentralised Exchange (DEX).

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How can you Play and Earn in DEFY? 

As a play-and-earn game, DEFY provides players with various opportunities to earn rewards and enhance their gameplay experience.

By completing in-game activities, players can accumulate DEFY tokens for in-game purchases or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Engaging in the game’s extensive economy, which utilizes a triple currency model (DEFY, FCOIN, and CHIPS) and an array of digital collectibles, allows players to earn tokens through buying and selling NFTs and participating in the game’s decentralized finance (DeFi) features.

Furthermore, collecting and trading rare NFTs, such as Genesis Masks, Uprising Masks, and Tactical Drones, can prove lucrative and improve the overall gaming experience. Finally, by participating in community events and challenges, players have the chance to earn rare digital collectibles, DEFY tokens, and additional rewards.

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How to Start Playing DEFY for Free?

As a free-to-play game, DEFY offers an accessible and enjoyable experience for players from the get-go. Installing DEFY from app stores requires no signup or cost. Once players are ready to create an account, they can provide their email addresses and continue playing for free.

During onboarding, players receive the necessary tools and can explore advanced gameplay options. In line with the belief that web3 technologies should be straightforward, an account created using an email address also generates a crypto wallet for the player behind the scenes without needing an external wallet connection.

As players progress in DEFY, they enter the realm of “free-to-own.” Upon creating an account and the corresponding wallet, they can begin to own the items they make in-game on the blockchain. While the primary focus for players is playing the game and earning currency and items, they are also accumulating tradeable and portable currency and NFTs in the background, extending the value of their experience beyond the boundaries of DEFY.

Players can download DEFY on Android and iOS devices to join the revolution by visiting the game’s homepage or searching for “DEFY: Join the Revolution!” in the App Store or Google Play.

Final Thoughts

DEFY offers mobile gamers an engaging and immersive experience by blending AR, code-breaking, and real-world exploration. As a play-and-earn NFT blockchain game, DEFY is set to make a mark in the gaming world. So, gear up, join the revolution, and prepare to embark on an adventure.

Yes, DEFY is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices, with no signup or cost required.

Players can earn by completing in-game activities, participating in the game’s economy, collecting and trading rare NFTs, and taking part in community events.

DEFY’s economy features a dual currency model, customizable and tradable assets, and multiple incentive mechanisms for players to earn tokens and rewards.

DEFY is a play-and-earn NFT blockchain game set in a dystopian world, blending AR, code-breaking, and real-world exploration for an immersive experience.

Download DEFY by visiting the game’s homepage or searching for “DEFY: Join the Revolution!” in the App Store or Google Play.


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