Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche Make it Easy for Businesses to Launch Metaverses

Alibaba Cloud has unveiled a collaboration with layer-1 blockchain Avalanche, and MUA DAO, a service layer provider. The alliance, announced at the Avalanche Summit II event, seeks to establish Cloudverse, a metaverse launchpad that assists businesses in creating, deploying, and managing their unique metaverse environments on Avalanche’s blockchain.

The Cloudverse Platform

Cloudverse aims to support businesses with the customization and integration of metaverse environments. MUA DAO will act as the service layer, aiding in the implementation and personalization of metaverse spaces for customers.

John Wu, President of Ava Labs, explained that Alibaba Cloud’s partners are eager to join web3, and the collaboration plans to make it simpler for them to develop their SDKs on top of the Avalanche platform.

Avalanche’s Subnetwork Infrastructure

The partnership takes advantage of Avalanche’s subnetwork infrastructure, referred to as subnets, to offer adaptable application-specific blockchains. Subnets consist of nodes (validators) built on a blockchain, which can be tailored to suit the requirements of various businesses. Cloudverse will employ this infrastructure to develop customized blockchain solutions for its clients.

The capacity to create metaverses rapidly and effortlessly is anticipated to significantly impact enterprises seeking exposure to this space but lacking the time or resources to launch their platforms.

Developers utilizing the Cloudverse platform will receive support for visuals, meta-economics, interactive features, events, and ongoing operations. The companies revealed that each metaverse environment could be fully functional within a month after initial contact.

Prior Collaborations

This partnership expands upon previous cooperation between Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche. In December, Alibaba Cloud started offering infrastructure and tools to assist Asia-based users in launching validators on the Avalanche network. The original collaboration concentrated on plug-and-play and node-as-a-service initiatives to encourage blockchain adoption in Asia.

John Wu, President of Ava Labs, highlighted that Alibaba Cloud has around 4 million customers and 10 million developers. Alibaba sees the metaverse as a means to introduce the Asian enterprise ecosystem to web3. Wu considers the collaboration an outstanding chance to access 4 million potential developers, who, when using the Avalanche platform, will generate a substantial volume of transactions on the chain.


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