Bulls and Apes Project Accelerates Community Initiatives

CEO Anthony Mongiello has revealed plans for the Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) to amp up its community engagement, gamification of its ecosystem and marketing campaigns.

Bulls and Apes Project is firing on all cylinders, with multiple community initiatives launching in the coming weeks. Despite uncertain times for the Web3 and crypto space, the self-funded B.A.P is building feverishly, and its community is reaping the benefits.

Ready to get your hands on some loot? B.A.P. are currently running a MASSIVE giveaway with over 40 ETH in prizes up for grabs!

This raffle, better known as the Gimme the Loot giveaway, started on April 25th and runs until May 12th, with the winners being drawn on May 16th. Check out the full details here.

“We know that morale is low out there at the moment and we wanted to do something for our community,” Mongiello told NFT News Today. 

Additionally, there are two major community-driven events during the month of May, with God Bull Live 2 and the Mega Meet Up

God Bull Live 2 is a limited once-in-a-lifetime event exclusively for God Bull NFT holders. It will be an adrenaline fueled adventure and dining experience taking place in Las Vegas May 18 – 19. See what happened last time at the first event here.

The Mega Meet Up is a public event, with B.A.P. holders qualifying for discounted tickets. It will take place in Las Vegas on May 20th at The Cosmopolitan, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, with entry into the Marquee Night Club included for all attendees. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and this year B.A.P. is raising the stakes.

Mongiello added: “There will even be a very special celebrity DJ in the building, so this event is going to be a great opportunity for community connection and to have some fun together.”


The B.A.P. community has been having fun playing with the recently launched Configurator – a tool that allows holders to customize their Ape NFTs traits. As a result, ‘Ape of the Week’ has emerged as a community-driven initiative, where Ape enthusiasts can get creative with the Configurator and its abundant traits. Many community members have been inspired to write backstories for their Apes’ new styles.

New traits are now released weekly on Wednesdays, giving Ape holders the flexibility to continuously redefine and redesign their look.


Speaking to NFT News Today, B.A.P. CEO Anthony Mongiello also revealed that B.A.P. is introducing a new system of gamification to its ecosystem. Previously, B.A.P. told us that playing the game of financial strategy was a huge factor in its ecosystem. Indeed, the project is looking to leverage its high-level business experience in helping others achieve financial freedom and “live their best life”.

Additionally, a new system of gamification will involve achievements and rewards based on formulas, progressive odds for Loot Boxes, and the purchasing of Epic and Legendary traits without having to pay Ethereum. The idea is that players will be making their way towards an eventual “carrot at the end of a stick”. In other words, players will be rewarded for their time and effort spent playing the game. 

Mongiello added: “We are not trying to be a gaming company, but what we found with our community is that they appreciate gamified collectibles which are tied to a lore. They were really demanding more on this front, so we’ve responded and we’re giving them what they want.”

Bulls and Apes

Community Marketing

Finally, CEO Anthony Mongiello has hinted at some major campaigns in the works for B.A.P., which will open more opportunities for its community. The notion of harnessing entrepreneurial skills has always been at the forefront for B.A.P., and now they’re plotting to take it to the next level with community marketing. 

In fact, a partnership with a leading media company is in the works, which suggests huge things are on the horizon for B.A.P. and its community. 

“We’ve been asking ourselves: How can we use community based marketing?” Mongiello said. “We are looking at getting deals with major partners and creating an affiliate marketing approach so that our holders can get a share of the deal.” 

“Our vision is to create a world of infinite opportunity and that’s not just a corporate slogan. We’re trying to focus on how we bring products and services outside the Web3 space in, without using the word Web3 and NFT. This is real world utility enhanced by blockchain”. 

“We want to leverage our relationships with brands to bring marketing campaigns that the community can participate in and get rewarded for their participation. Community driven marketing.” 

For more information about the B.A.P., you can visit their website and Twitter


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