Laugh Out Labs LLC presents ‘NFTs ARE A JOKE’: A Web3 Comedy Revolution Begins

Brought to you by Laugh Out Labs LLC, NFTs ARE A JOKE is launching ‘IT’S JUST A JOKE’ – the first-ever NFT joke card collection – on May 16th 2023. With a simple mission to spread laughter and humor, the project is dedicated to positively impacting the world through this one-of-a-kind collection. Read on to find out what’s in store.

Building a Community

Did you know that laughing releases endorphins, our body’s natural feel-good chemicals, which help combat stress, anxiety, and depression? Well, to release some of those feel-good chemicals, Laugh Out Labs LLC has teamed up with renowned comedians Norman Towns, Ksenia, Clayton Farris, and Mark Serrittella for the gags in NFTs ARE A JOKE. These “Jokestars” have previously graced Emmy Award-winning shows on networks such as HBO, Comedy Central, ABC, truTV, BET, Adult Swim and MTV.

Laugh out Labs
The ‘Jokestars’

Laugh Out Labs LLC is collaborating with these comedy powerhouses to create an engaging, laughter-packed experience that entertains and promotes well-being. The aim is to craft a unique space where comedians of all levels can gain exposure and bring laughter to audiences worldwide. 

Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from the ‘IT’S JUST A JOKE’ collection will go towards supporting charities and organizations focused on vital causes like mental health, environmental conservation, and social justice.

A Future Filled with Laughter

Before we dive into the first drop utilities, let’s look at the many laughter-inducing plans Laugh Out Labs has planned for NFTs ARE A JOKE. According to their Roadmap, the project will introduce the “Jokesters Podcast”, with this comes unique live event experiences where VIP and rising comedians hang out, share hilarious stories, play games, and interact with special guests.

Furthermore, they will unveil the LOLFace PFP Project and launch an exclusive merch store, ‘Your Clothes Are Funny’, featuring limited edition exclusive items. Plus, get ready for their first IRL community event – a perfect blend of comedy shows, live music, BBQ, free drinks, and VIP guests!

If that wasn’t enough, they will also be introducing the LOL Comedy Album, where comedians and live music come together to create a listening experience you’ll want to enjoy all day.

Finally, stay tuned for a top-secret televised Stand-Up comedy special filmed live in Hollywood, CA in partnership with a major network. Although details about this are yet to be released, it’s sure to be a parody-filled event designed to bring this comedy-loving community together.

First Drop – IT’S JUST A JOKE

To be part of all these fun-filled perks and events, mark your calendars for May 16th, 2023, as NFTs ARE A JOKE gear up for the first stage of their project. The first drop, IT’S JUST A JOKE, showcases 52 unique, ‘Special Purpose’ collectible joke cards. These cards come in three distinct tiers: 2 Gold Cards, 5 Silver Cards, and 45 Signature Cards, each offering cardholders an array of exclusive utilities and perks:

Signature Cards:

• Exclusive entry and discounts for in-person comedy events with major partners

• Exclusive access to the limited-edition merchandise and memorabilia store, ‘Your Clothes are Funny.’

• Priority entry to in-person community-only events, such as BBQs, comedy shows, and bars

• 1 Complimentary “LOL Face” PFP NFT 

• Exclusive access to the “Submit a Joke” portal, allowing up to 5 submissions per month

• Invitations to private Zoom meetings featuring comedians and special guests

Silver Cards:

With access to all of the above, Silver cardholders will also receive:

• Priority access to the Jokesters podcast series and live recordings

• Complimentary admission to in-person community-exclusive comedy events

• Free custom-designed “NFTs Are A Joke” hoodie

• Joke submissions shared with comedy networks, TV, and media partners for potential commercial use

• Exclusive entry to the “Submit a Joke” portal, allowing up to 10 submissions per month

• 2 Complimentary “LOL Face” PFP NFTs

Gold Cards:

For the ultimate perks and access, including everything above, Gold cardholders will gain:

• Two complimentary tickets to televised TV comedy and late-night specials every month

• Collectible autographed items from renowned comedians and VIP collaborators

• Private -In-person comedy show for you and up to 25 of your guests

• Lifetime access to all Laugh Out Labs projects, including free minting for future drops

• Exclusive dinner with a celebrated comedian for you and 4 fortunate friends

• Customized Phygital Gold Plated Joke Card

• Unlimited access to the “Submit a Joke” portal

• 5 free “LOL Face” PFP NFTs

Final Thoughts

NFTs ARE A JOKE brilliantly blends humor and a positive impact to create an unforgettable comedy experience. With a top-notch roster of comedians, a nurturing community, and a roadmap packed with exclusive content, NFTs ARE A JOKE is serious about making people laugh. 

For more jokes and laughs, you can find out more on their Website, Twitter, and Discord

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