Farmers World: Your Ultimate Guide To Farming on the Blockchain

Cultivating success one digital crop at a time, Farmers World emerges as one of the rising stars in Web3 gaming. As it currently claims the third spot on DappRadar’s blockchain game rankings, this Web3 game aims to surpass the immense popularity of traditional farming games.

Built on the WAX blockchain, Farmers World offers its players more than just an engaging experience – it’s a Game-fi venture where participants can earn tangible tokens, rewards and also create and sell their own NFTs. Read on to learn how.

What is Farmers World?

Step into the boots of a farmer in Farmers World, a game that invites players to grow, harvest, and exchange crops. Players can generate income through NFTs in the game, exchanging earned tokens for WAXP.

You can also participate in competitions and shared quests for valuable rewards, visit other farms, and compete for resources while awaiting your harvest.

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Farmers world is a laid-back mining game featuring three different in-game tokens: Food, Wood, and Gold, each with unique purposes and exchangeability. Players primarily engage with NFT tools to gather these resources, purchase NFT Land Plots for farming, and raise NFT animals. Additionally, the fruits of their labor can be sold as NFTs on the secondary market for WAX tokens.

Inspired by a mysterious “Manuscript №4848” housed in the National Library of Brazil, the game revolves around an ancient farm in eastern Brazil. Discovered by explorers in 1573, the farm’s existence mystifies even today.

Farmers World Tokenomics

Farmers World boasts a trio of in-game tokens: Food (FWF), Wood (FWW), and Gold (FWG), each with its specific function.

Food, generated by growing crops, nourishes animals, while Wood serves to construct structures, and Gold facilitates item purchases.

To mine Food (FWF), players require a Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat.

For Wood (FWW), an Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw are needed, and a mining Excavator is essential for Gold (FWG).

Players can sell and trade these tokens on the Alcor marketplace decentralized exchange. These tokens serve as in-game cryptocurrency, allowing players to purchase Farmers World NFT products.

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How to Play the Game

To dive into Farmers world’s secondary market, a WAX account is a must, easily created at Remember that resource trades and NFT minting incur gas costs as they utilize the game’s blockchain.

As a player, you’ll need equipment to mine in-game tokens, which can be built, acquired through the drop system, or found on AtomicHub. A crypto wallet is essential when using the AtomicHub marketplace – WAX Cloud Wallet and Anchor are currently supported.

Over the past 7 days, the game has seen 89,000 unique active wallets interacting with the game at over 32 million transactions.

Starting your farming adventure requires the basics: an NFT land for cultivating crops, a Cowshed for cows, and a Coop for poultry. NFTs, including Farm Plots, Milk, Cowsheds, Coops, Baby Calves, Cows, Bulls, Dairy cows, Chickens, Barley, Farmer Coin, and Corn, play a crucial role in tending to livestock and crops. The game centers around the main protagonist, you guessed it, a farmer, accompanied by characters such as Bulls, Dairy cows, and calves and other friendly animals.

Here’s a helpful explainer to help you get started:

Membership Cards

Farmers World offers membership cards (NFTs) that bestow a range of in-game benefits upon their owners, such as expanded tool inventory slots, enhanced health, and the opportunity to mine rarer materials in the blockchain game.

Membership tiers include Bronze Member (common), Silver Member (uncommon), Gold Member (rare), and Diamond Member (epic), each providing varying perks.

When players create a new NFT tool, they can store it in a chest and trade it with others on the secondary market for WAX. These NFT tools come with a durability rating; once it reaches zero, Gold is needed for repairs.

Play-to-Earn Features

Farmers World enables players to earn cryptocurrency through three distinct modes:

Play mode: Players kick off their journey without energy and must farm to accumulate it. Once sufficient energy is obtained, they can craft items for market sale. Tools and equipment can be purchased to expedite resource gathering.

Farm mode: Players can construct farms, raise animals, and cultivate crops for sale or direct resource mining. Buildings can be acquired to enhance production output.

Market mode: This mode allows players to exchange resources such as Wood, Food, Gold, Stone, Coal, Diamonds, Copper, Silver, and Lead.

Besides monetary gains, players can invest in additional memberships, unlocking unique features like exclusive member avatars and player housing. It should be noted that Farmers World is not free-to-play and will require players to make an initial investment. 

Final Farming Thoughts

As the digital sun sets over the virtual fields, Farmers World continues to sow the seeds of success in the NFT gaming landscape, with an impressive position as the third-ranked Game on DappRadar’s blockchain game rankings. This Web3 gaming phenomenon is not only mirroring the triumphs of traditional farming games but also striving to surpass them.

Farmers World exemplifies the play-to-earn gaming revolution, allowing players to generate income through in-game activities. By cultivating crops, raising animals, and trading resources in the virtual marketplace, players can earn valuable tokens and NFTs.

Players can earn through Play mode (crafting items for sale), Farm mode (constructing farms and raising animals), and Market mode (exchanging resources like Wood, Food, Gold, and more).

Create a WAX account at, acquire necessary equipment for mining in-game tokens, and set up your farm with an NFT land, Cowshed, and Coop. A crypto wallet is required for using the AtomicHub marketplace.

Membership cards are NFTs that grant in-game benefits like expanded inventory slots, enhanced health, and access to rarer materials. Tiers include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond Members.

There are three in-game tokens: Food (FWF), Wood (FWW), and Gold (FWG), used for nourishing animals, constructing structures, and purchasing items, respectively.

FARMERS WORLD is a Web3 NFT gaming sensation built on the WAX blockchain, where players grow, harvest, and exchange crops while completing fruit collections and earning tokens, rewards, and NFTs.


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