HUXLEY: A Glimpse into the Future

The long-awaited HUXLEY Multiplayer Game Experience has debuted with a ‘vertical slice’ preview, giving fans a sneak peek into its immersive gaming world. This milestone demonstrates progress across different facets of the game and marks a significant stride towards the full-scale realization of the HUXLEY video game. The game looks impressive, and the ‘vertical slice’ taster has been well received by the game’s community.

The HUXLEY Universe and Graphic Novel Series

A six-issue graphic novel series is at the core of the HUXLEY Universe, painstakingly developed over ten years by renowned concept artist Ben Mauro. The gripping narrative follows a pair of Ronin Warriors as they traverse the desolate wastelands of FURY-7, an abandoned planet in Sector-217, where they stumble upon Huxley, an incredibly rare and ancient robot concealed beneath the debris.

Bridging Concept Art and Immersive Gameplay

The HUXLEY multiplayer game experience capitalizes on Ben Mauro’s extensive experience designing game environments, vehicles, and characters for legendary franchises such as Halo and Call of Duty. Mauro and his team have successfully translated the HUXLEY Universe into a detailed and realistic gaming experience.

Mauro has collaborated with the renowned gaming studio Big Medium Small to bring the HUXLEY Multiplayer Game Experience to life. Under the leadership of Jama Jurabaev, the creative genius behind the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, Big Medium Small ranks among the world’s leading game asset studios. The partnership has combined its gaming prowess and state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 technology to deliver a one-of-a-kind gaming experience for HUXLEY enthusiasts and beyond.


Talking about the project, Ben Mauro says that HUXLEY, “is the culmination of my life’s work, my magnum opus. Taking all the skills learned from an acclaimed career building universes and IPs for others, and creating one of my own. I’m excited to have the community involved from its genesis and to share this adventure with me.”

HUXLEY NFT Holders Enjoy Exclusive Access

To share in the HUXLEY adventure, you’ll need a HUXLEY NFT as game access is exclusively for holders. If you possess any HUXLEY digital collectible, you can join the game by completing a verification process in their Discord space.

This multi-part saga offers both digital and physical editions of the comic, along with a diverse array of distinctive NFT collectibles.

The HUXLEY community is invited to participate in thrilling Weekly Challenges and Game Days, competing for various prizes. Top performers can win exclusive rewards, including HUXLEY Robots, Gold HUXLEY Humans, and more.

HUXLEY Comics NFTs on OpenSea

Technical Specifications & Value to HUXLEY Holders

The HUXLEY Multiplayer Game Experience is compatible with computers and laptops running Windows 10. It may also function on select Apple Mac computers using Bootcamp or Parallels. The game is built with Unreal Engine, a highly-regarded game engine created by Epic Games. It’s utilized in numerous modern AAA games, including Epic’s Fortnite and Psyonix’s Rocket League. Its popularity stems from its adaptability and ability to facilitate development across multiple platforms.

The HUXLEY community is also invited to participate in Weekly Challenges and Game Days, competing for various prizes. Top performers can win exclusive rewards, including HUXLEY Robots, Gold HUXLEY Humans, and more.

The primary objective of this vertical slice is to engage HUXLEY holders with immersive experiences in the new game environment. In addition to the main prize pool, smaller activations featuring HUXLEY Humans, Comics, and other surprises will be available to players.

Final Thoughts

The HUXLEY vertical slice offers a preview of an enthralling gaming world, reflecting the rapid growth and innovation in the realm of Web3 games in 2023. As more Web3 games continue to emerge, the landscape of online gaming is undergoing a massive transformation, blurring the lines between digital and physical realms.

Access to the game is exclusive to HUXLEY NFT holders. Current holders of any HUXLEY® digital collectible can participate in the game through a verification process on Discord, with detailed instructions available in the “#game-information” channel on the official Discord server.

The HUXLEY Multiplayer Game Experience is an immersive gaming world based on the HUXLEY® Universe and Graphic Novel Series. It features a vertical slice preview, which offers fans a sneak peek into the game and showcases progress across all aspects of its development.

The HUXLEY Universe is a six-issue graphic novel series developed over a decade by renowned concept artist Ben Mauro. It follows the journey of two Ronin Warriors through the desolate wastelands of FURY-7, a forsaken planet in Sector-217, where they discover Huxley, an ancient and incredibly rare robot.

The HUXLEY community can participate in exciting Weekly Challenges and Game Days to compete for a variety of prizes. Top performers have a chance to win exclusive rewards, including HUXLEY Robots, Gold HUXLEY Humans, and more.

Ben Mauro, the creator of the HUXLEY® Universe, has partnered with the renowned gaming studio Big Medium Small, led by Jama Jurabaev, the creative mind behind Star Wars: The Mandalorian series and Steven Spielberg’s metaverse masterpiece Ready Player One.


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