Canon Announces Cadabra NFT Marketplace for Photography

The photography industry has been expanding its presence in the Web3 space. In response to this trend, Canon USA recently announced the development of Cadabra, a groundbreaking NFT marketplace dedicated to photography.

The Cadabra marketplace will showcase diverse tokenized photographs, allowing artists to offer their works as unique and valuable digital assets.

New Revenue Streams for Artists

In addition to digital images, participating artists will be able to sell tangible prints of their work. This option will provide them with new revenue streams and enhance their income potential.

By offering physical prints alongside digital images, artists can tap into the growing demand for both digital and traditional art pieces.

To streamline the process, Canon will handle order fulfilment for physical prints, ensuring timely and professional delivery to customers.

Furthermore, Cadabra will offer a range of payment options for customers, including credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies, making it accessible and convenient for a wide audience.

Cadabra Launch and Competition

Canon will provide a sneak peek of the Cadabra platform at the upcoming NFT NYC conference, giving attendees a glimpse of the future of the photography NFT market. Following its preview, Cadabra is set to officially launch later in 2023, solidifying Canon’s position in the rapidly growing Web3 market.

Cadabra will face stiff competition from other photographic NFT marketplaces, such as Quantum Art and Sloika. However, Canon’s established brand and reputation in the photography industry may provide an edge in attracting both artists and collectors.

Canon has yet to disclose the photographers who will participate in the Cadabra marketplace. However, given the company’s prominence in the industry, it is expected to attract high-calibre talent.


NFTs have significantly impacted the art and photography industry by providing collectors with access to rare and valuable digital artworks. In turn, this has created new income opportunities for artists, allowing them to capitalize on the growing interest in digital art.

With the launch of Cadabra, Canon USA aims to further bridge the gap between traditional photography and the digital art world, paving the way for a new era in the industry.

Cadabra will offer tokenized photographs, physical prints for participating artists, and a secondary market for reselling NFTs. It will accept payments through credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Cadabra is an NFT marketplace dedicated to photography, and it is being launched by Canon USA.

Cadabra will feature a variety of genres, including landscapes, sports, wildlife, and lifestyle photography.

Cadabra is set to officially launch later in 2023, following a preview at the NFT NYC conference.


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