Rivals: Dive into the Far West P2E Survival Game

Rivals is a multiplayer play-to-earn and Far West-themed survival game where players embark on a thrilling quest for gold. The mission is to explore the vast world and uncover hidden treasures throughout the map while fighting against hostile animals and killing other players.

Inspired by hugely popular titles like Red Dead Redemption, Rivals aims to become a trailblazer in the Web3 gaming space. Let’s dive in and find out how.

Rivals NFTs and the mining quarry system

In the Rivals game, players take on the roles of a sheriff, a bandit, or a native American, each with unique abilities and strengths. The role a player gets is determined by the NFT they own.

As a Rivals NFT holder, you can stake your assets and participate in the upcoming mining quarry system. Furthermore, your quarry can be upgraded by making RVS purchases. All this can be done through their website.

Similar to the process of crypto mining, NFT stakers will be able to mine Rivals’ native cryptocurrency, RVS. This process will enable users to earn rewards for their staked assets. Users will also be able to trade the quarries on a dedicated marketplace and upgrade them as they progress through the game.

The Tokenomics of RVS

To prevent pay-to-win schemes, Rivals will deploy a dual-token model that aims to balance the gameplay and create a fair environment for all users.

The first token is the native cryptocurrency, RVS, which will be offered through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and be tradable on third-party marketplaces.

The second token is the in-game currency, eRVS, with no monetary value. Players must earn and spend it directly inside the game.

One of the primary purposes of eRVS will be to trade in-game items in the Rivals Emporium, a marketplace within the game.

It’ll be possible to stake RVS to earn eRVS rewards. Players can also mine gold by playing the Rivals and sell it in exchange for eRVS. An in-game bank will allow gamers to stake eRVS. The team will initiate a bounty system to enable more eRVS earning opportunities.

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How to play Rivals

To join the game, you need a Rivals NFT. Once you have it, you can customize your character and select a map to play on.

There is no single-player mode; in every game, a Blitz, you must compete against other survivors for a preset duration.

Your goal is to survive in the wilderness. To that end, you must strategically use the resources you acquire so you don’t die of hunger, thirst, or food poisoning.

The valuable resources are hidden in exact locations on the map. So, you must spot these locations to collect them.

There’ll be other opportunities to discover resources; for instance, trains carrying treasures will pass through from time to time.

Furthermore, Rivals invites players to feel a life-like AI perception system that includes sensory organs to communicate, memory to understand player behavior and patterns, and awareness that allows them to feel disturbances around them.

Some of the weapons of offer in Rivals

The Weapons of Rivals

You can defend yourself against wild creatures and attack other players, leveraging different weapons. They include bows, knives, and spears.

The gameplay will also allow you to team up with others to increase your chance of survival. You can power up your equipment with attachments to have extra benefits as a team.

The “Realistic Damage” feature will enable bleeds, fractures, infections, and shocks, thereby increasing the difficulty level of the combats. As a result, crafting a good source of weapons and increasing their power with extras will be required to survive.

Forging and crafting new game assets

It’ll be possible to forge and craft weapons to increase your chances of survival. Players will apply similar operations to various found items on the map to convert them into armor.

Armor and weapons can be traded in the Rivals Emporium like all other in-game items.

The Rivals DAO and Future Milestones

The Rivals Council will allow community members to participate in governance decisions through their RVS holdings.

Token holders can propose game modifications and nominate a person for a council seat.

The initial NFT collection will include 2D Rivals characters, mentioned above. The owners of these NFTs will be able to burn them to receive 3D counterparts as airdrops. An NFT exchange for the 3D models is also in sight.

Furthermore, the game features will include a new mechanism to capture a local Boss that players can convert into a tradable NFT.

Rivals offer an exhilarating game experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. With unique NFT characters, a dual-token model for balanced gameplay, and life-like AI perception systems, Rivals promises hours of intense action and strategy. Moreover, Rivals’ integration of community involvement through the Rivals Council ensures that the gaming experience will continue to evolve with players’ interests at heart.

The play-to-earn survival game project is just kicking off. You can check out their Website, Discord, or Twitter to stay in the loop.


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