Wine NFTs: Bored Grapes Merges Virtual Vineyards & Real Wine

Step into the world of Wine NFTs, where virtual vineyards and actual wine bottles meet. Bored Grapes, a project co-founded by Oregon-based winemaker Nicholas Keeler of Authentique Wine Cellars, has partnered with tech expert Robert Haleluk and a team of specialists to create a unique, wine-focused metaverse.

Embrace the Future of Wine Collecting with Bored Grapes

Since its launch in October 2022, Bored Grapes has evolved, paving the way for the first NFT model that could introduce a cutting-edge digital futures concept. Additionally, it offers a new platform for wine enthusiasts to purchase and collect wine.

Bored Grapes released 5,555 virtual empty bottles as their first NFT collection last year. The mint saw all available bottles claimed within 30 minutes.

Keeler remarked, “The process allows us to curate special digital opportunities and unique wines from my network of winemaker friends in the industry.” For example, collaborations with Avennia Winery and other Italy, France, and California wineries are in the works.

Bored Grapes is dropping a new NFT collection during Easter weekend, enabling members to mint 5,555 grapevines. In contrast to traditional wine futures, users will virtually grow grapes on their own vines at the Vinum Estate Metaverse vineyard.

Furthermore, once the grapes are harvested, users can combine them with their empty NFT bottles to create a full bottle of wine NFT. “Then they can redeem that NFT for an actual physical bottle of wine that I produce,” added Keeler.

Wine NFTs

Digital Vineyards and Real Wines: A New Frontier in Wine Investment

While the world of Wine NFTs may seem complex, it presents an innovative, enjoyable experience for purchasing wine. Bored Grapes is another project is making a splash in the drinks industry, merging the physical and digital realms.

Each grapevine costs 0.10 Ethereum (ETH). However, users can pay in USD using a credit card. That’s about $187.25 per vine.

Buying grapevines on Bored Grapes is similar to investing in wine futures – purchasing wine before it’s bottled. Unlike the physical marketplace of en primeur for wine futures, Bored Grapes brings a digital twist. Haleluk stated, “We’re taking an exciting new approach to doing this digitally.” He added, “Even though these terms – NFT, mint, metaverse – may be complicated, this new technology is exciting. It enables creative teams to build unique experiences around products, brands, and exciting opportunities.”

Keeler shared the same sentiment: “We’re trying to make this a fun, new experience for buying wine.”


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