David Bowie’s Legacy Lives on with NFT Release

David Bowie, the legendary artist known for his groundbreaking and influential impact on the music world, left a remarkable legacy that includes 27 studio albums, 11 live albums, 4 soundtracks, and 128 singles. Now, there seems to be one more musical jewel to be revealed from the beloved star.

Gala Music, a subsidiary of Web3 startup Gala Games, has teamed up with music producer Larry Dvoskin and publisher Warner-Chappell Music to unveil a never-before-released version of Bowie’s classic 1983 track, “Let’s Dance,” through a limited series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

NFT Release Details

On the 40th anniversary of the original “Let’s Dance” release, April 14th, Gala Music will launch 3,003 NFTs, each showcasing Bowie-inspired artwork. These exclusive NFTs will give owners access to the previously unheard rendition of “Let’s Dance,” produced by Dvoskin and Bowie in 2002.

In a novel approach, the NFTs will be offered using a pay-what-you-wish model, making them available to fans with varying budgets.

All initial earnings from the NFT sale will go to MusiCares, a charitable organization that offers health and human services to music community members. This initiative not only honours Bowie’s work but also supports the industry he was passionate about.

Track Description and Background

Dvoskin has described the track as a “more dreamy, electronic” take on the hit song, which remains one of Bowie’s most famous tracks. The music producer and songwriter have long hoped to share the reimagined song with the world.

As the 40th anniversary of “Let’s Dance” approached, Dvoskin sought the approval of Bowie’s estate to release the song as NFTs.

Previous Bowie Estate NFT Release: Learning from Experience

In September, Bowie’s estate introduced a series of NFTs in collaboration with marketplace OpenSea, called “Bowie on the Blockchain.” While the collection aimed to raise funds for charity, it faced criticism from Bowie fans who believed the blockchain experiment did not align with the late artist’s principles and beliefs. This new release seeks to improve upon the lessons learned from the previous NFT venture.

Warner Chappell Music and Web3 Initiatives

Warner Chappell Music, a branch of Warner Music Group, currently holds the rights to Bowie’s entire music catalogue. In November 2022, the music label announced a partnership with Web3 entertainment incubator Defient to “unlock the power of Web3 for songwriters.”

Dvoskin’s agreement with the label marks Warner Chappell Music’s “first entirely native NFT arrangement” for a song that has never been available through physical or digital mediums.

During a period of widespread layoffs, Warner Music Group declared its intent to prioritize employees involved in its growing Web3 and AI projects. The company emphasizes the importance of “new tech initiatives as central to the company’s future.”

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Gala Games and Entertainment NFTs

Gala Games, primarily recognized for its Web3 gaming endeavours, has also begun exploring music and film as it investigates additional entertainment applications for NFTs and tokens.

The startup gained attention earlier this year when it announced upcoming film projects involving actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg on social media. The announcement led to a significant increase in the value of its native token, GALA. However, the tweet was later removed, and Gala clarified that both actors’ production companies are co-producing documentary projects unrelated to their personal lives or careers.

The upcoming release of the unreleased “Let’s Dance” version has stirred excitement among Bowie fans. While some may express concerns about the environmental implications of NFTs, the prospect of further collaborations between Gala Music and other artists offers new opportunities for fans to access rare and exclusive content.


The growing adoption of NFTs in the music industry presents musicians with innovative ways to monetize their creations. However, challenges and controversies surrounding NFTs and blockchain technology will continue to influence the landscape. As the industry evolves, artists, fans, and industry leaders must navigate these new waters to find the best ways to celebrate and support music.

The release of the unheard “Let’s Dance” version pays tribute to David Bowie’s lasting legacy while supporting the music community through MusiCares. This inventive collaboration between Gala Music, Larry Dvoskin, and Warner-Chappell Music highlights the ongoing transformation of the music industry as it incorporates Web3 technology and NFTs, opening up fresh possibilities for artists and fans alike.


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