Ecosapiens Raises $3.5M for Eco-Friendly NFT Movement

Ecosapiens, a forward-thinking eco-conscious group, has recently raised $3.5 million in its latest seed funding round.

The round was led by consumer web3 fund Collab+Currency, and well-known builder gmoney joined as an advisor. Other notable investors in this round include Alex Witt, CFO of Celo, and Ryan Carson, former COO of Moonbirds.

The funding boost highlights the NFT community’s dedication to sustainability and environmental action. By merging eco-friendliness with cutting-edge technology, projects like Ecosapiens pave the way for a greener future in the NFT space and beyond.

Making Sustainability Enjoyable and Accessible

Ecosapiens was established to build a community of environmentally aware individuals and provide them with the tools to positively impact the environment. To accomplish this, Ecosapiens offers a variety of digital resources and infrastructure, including NFTs, carbon infrastructure, chat groups, and a comic series.

Co-founder Nihar Neelakanti explains, “Ecosapiens is on a mission to make carbon removal and sustainability seamless, fun, and engaging.”

These tools empower people and businesses to reduce carbon footprints, embrace eco-friendly products, and support the transition to a green economy by creating a robust, environmentally conscious community.

Source Ecosapiens

Harnessing the Potential of NFTs for Climate Action

Ecosapiens is committed to making environmental sustainability an essential aspect of daily life and hobbies for people from diverse backgrounds, including art enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and environmentalists.

Gmoney states, “Ecosapiens is proving that NFTs can unlock an incredible, almost infinite potential by harnessing the tech for positive climate action.”

In February, Ecosapiens introduced its groundbreaking alpha collection, showcasing the world’s inaugural carbon-backed NFTs. To mark this event, 350 community members received a complimentary Chrysalis, which could be enhanced and transformed into an Ecosapien, compensating for up to 28 tons of carbon emissions – approximately the amount generated by an average American over two years. To date, the alpha collection has captured more than 1,700 tons of CO2, an achievement akin to planting around 68,000 trees.

Gaining Momentum and Recognition in the Industry

Ecosapiens has already gained recognition within the art, sustainability, and NFT communities, with more than 17,000 community members on Discord. The collective has also formed partnerships with notable projects like Pudgy Penguins.

The innovative motion design and ‘breathing’ characters of their collectibles have impressed art industry experts, winning first place in the NFT category of Motionographer’s Motion Awards.

For those interested in joining the Ecosapiens movement, it’s as simple as obtaining a chrysalis from the Genesis collection on OpenSea and evolving it in the Ecoverse. By participating, you support a greener future and become a part of a thriving community dedicated to making a difference.

To join the Ecosapiens movement, one can obtain a chrysalis from the Genesis collection on OpenSea and evolve it in the Ecoverse.

The alpha collection has removed over 1,700 tons of CO2.

Ecosapiens is an eco-conscious organization that aims to build a community of environmentally aware individuals and provide them with the tools to make a positive impact on the environment.

Ecosapiens’ carbon-backed NFTs are designed to offset carbon emissions, with each upgraded Ecosapien capable of offsetting up to 28 tons of carbon.


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