LiveArt Collaboration Sees Match Made in Art Heaven

LiveArt, the global art platform with a thriving community of over 400,000 members, is joining forces with iv gallery and Digital Nativ LA. These two early pioneers in the digital art space brought now world-famous artists like Beeple to the web3 realm.

With the backing of industry giants such as Animoca Brands, Binance Labs, and Kucoin Labs, LiveArt is making a powerful statement in the rapidly expanding NFT market.

Starting today, all artist NFT drops from the iv gallery will be available exclusively through the LiveArt platform. Furthermore, Digital Nativ and LiveArt are joining hands to produce and manage a wide range of leading contemporary artists on LiveArt.

This partnership elevates emerging artists while fostering authentic and sustainable long-term growth in the NFT space.

Source LiveArt

Revolutionizing the Premium NFT Art Sector

This collaboration is set to create ripples in the premium segment of the $24.7 billion NFT market. LiveArt’s CEO, Boris Pevzner, expressed his excitement in partnering with iv gallery, a trailblazer in web3 art that has introduced the world to renowned artists such as Beeple, WhIsBe, BossLogic, Billelis, Shakira, Super Plastic, and others.

Pevzner said, “They will continue to showcase and support emerging artists and help an ever-increasing amount of IP holders enter the NFT space in an authentic, sustainable manner that fuels long-term growth and wide adoption.”

LiveArt is currently collaborating with various web2 and web3 artists for its LiveArt X Card membership drop, which launches on April 4th, 2023. 

Among the artists making their web3 debut is Chen Man, the renowned artist and photographer known for her Vogue and GQ covers. Other notable artists include Yue Minjun, the art market star with works featured in major museums like SFMoMA and the Denver Art Museum, and Mr StarCity, whose work has fetched six-figure sums at Christie’s and Phillips.

The LiveArt X Card – Unlocking Exclusive Access

The LiveArt X Card is designed to protect art from short-term speculation and maintain long-term value by implementing accurate price models. With a total supply of 3,500 cards, LiveArt has already amassed over 12,000 eager applicants on the waiting list, hoping to secure a card on April 4th.

Securing a LiveArt X Card provides cardholders with special access to top artists. It works with partners like iv gallery and Digital Nativ LA. It has exclusive first access to future LiveArt partners yet to be announced. This partnership underscores the importance of marketplaces in helping the web3 art market mature and driving mainstream adoption. 

Vince Harrison, the owner of iv gallery, voiced his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Supporting successful creators in the NFT space is not enough. Marketplaces can play a huge role in helping the web3 art market mature, bringing even more collectors into the space and driving mainstream adoption. LiveArt understands this completely and has the interests of artists in mind, as well as collectors, which is why we’re so thrilled to partner with LiveArt.” 


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