Wakweli Partners with Polygon to Strengthen Web3 Security

Wakweli, a prominent NFT certification protocol, has joined forces with Polygon, to counter fraud in the rapidly expanding web3 ecosystem. The alliance ensures that every digital asset on Polygon is compatible with Wakweli’s certification system, enabling NFT project holders to obtain authenticity certificates for their digital assets.

This collaboration paves the way for an effective solution to combat scam attempts, creating increased trust in this burgeoning ecosystem.

Wakweli and Polygon

Wakweli serves as an infrastructure platform that provides authenticity certificates for NFTs and other tokenized assets to counteract fraud within the web3 ecosystem. Utilizing a distinctive consensus method called Proof-of-Democracy (PoD), the platform encourages users to assess certificate requests. Wakweli recently secured $1.1 million from investors during its initial 2023 funding round.

Polygon Labs is responsible for creating Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols. The company collaborates with fellow ecosystem developers to facilitate the provision of scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3. Polygon Labs has created a growing set of protocols, making it simple for developers to access critical scaling solutions.

Wakweli Tick Marks Source Wakweli

Joining Forces

The partnership between Wakweli and Polygon ensures that every digital asset on Polygon is compatible with Wakweli’s certification system. NFT holders on the network can request authenticity certificates for their assets. Additionally, developers can access advanced use-case scenarios through the Wakweli platform and API. For example, automatic certification requests upon minting or accessing more detailed certification data.

Wakweli’s community-driven protocol employs the unique Proof-of-Democracy (PoD) consensus method to motivate users to examine certificate requests.

Moreover, every certified asset is marked with a green tick, which is automatically shown next to the assets in marketplaces. The move hopes to instil confidence in users regarding the item’s authenticity. All certified assets receive a green tick, automatically displayed alongside assets in marketplaces.

Antoine Sarraute, Co-Founder of Wakweli, said, “Since 2021 when ETH fees skyrocketed, Polygon established itself as the go-to chain to mint assets and has performed extremely well ever since – it is now the home of incredible NFT projects,” said Antoine Sarraute, Co-Founder of Wakweli.

He continues, “We built Wakweli to create a safer web3 space across all chains, and today we are thrilled to collaborate with Polygon. This will enable Wakweli’s certification power to all Polygon users and unlock a definitive way to fight scams attempts, creating more trust in this thriving ecosystem.”

New Levels of Trust

Wakweli’s collaboration with Polygon is poised to introduce new levels of trust and security to the NFT marketplace. With all digital assets on Polygon now compatible with Wakweli’s certification system, NFT project holders can request authenticity certificates for their assets, while developers gain access to advanced use-case scenarios through the Wakweli platform and API.

Furthermore, this development is anticipated to further solidify Polygon’s status as a top-tier blockchain platform, contributing to the development of a more secure digital ecosystem.

Ethereum developers can begin leveraging Polygon’s infrastructure by clicking here to get started.


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