The Creative Studio UVL Raises €550,000 to Create ‘Axis Mundi’, its Immersive NFT Experience

According to UVL, this project is proof that NFTs can be used as a medium to create highly emotional realities. ‘Axis Mundi‘ is the first step in UVL’s ambition to become the “HBO of Web3.”

“Based on generative art, elegant storytelling, and gamification mechanisms, ‘Axis Mundi’ is designed to be the poetic blockbuster that the NFT ecosystem is waiting for,” said Alexis Foucault, co-founder and artistic director of UVL.

‘Axis Mundi’ will offer its collectors a unique experience based on their emotions and decisions.

A teaser that went viral

According to Tom-Jacques Perret, co-founder and CEO of UVL, “With nearly 1 million views in 24 hours and now 17,000 followers, our teaser is clearly generating interest beyond our expectations!”


The two main partners of this fundraising are: Première Heure, a French audiovisual content production group, and Cliff Capital, the investment company of Markchain, a specialized marketing agency that offers strategic services dedicated to Web3 audiences. The project is also supported by BPI France.

“The stakes for the studio in 2023 are clear: to offer a successful experience and build a community emotionally attached to Axis Mundi. Beyond their funding, Première Heure and Markchain bring valuable expertise in these two areas on a daily basis. It’s a perfect match!” said Tom-Jacques Perret, co-founder, and CEO of UVL.

About UVL

UVL is a new creative studio that produces and sells emotional NFT experiences led by Tom-Jacques Perret & Alexis Foucault.

The flagship project, Axis Mundi, is based on a collection of dynamic NFTs, advanced aesthetics, and gamification mechanisms. It is currently under development with a planned release in 2023.


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