Yuga Labs Launches 2D Strategy Game

Legends of the Mara is a new offering from Yuga Labs, which will come with its own companion NFT collection.

Yuga Labs is back with a new experience for its loyal NFT holders. Legends of the Mara is a collection-based 2D strategy game “that picks up where the 2nd Trip left off”.

In essence, the ‘2nd Trip’ took place in the Yuga Labs’ own metaverse named Otherside. In the 2nd Trip, 7,200 Voyagers entered the Otherside metaverse and took part in an interactive team competition. 

Now, Legends of the Mara continues the journey in the intriguing world of Otherside. Furthermore, owners of ‘Otherdeeds’, the land in Otherside, can claim a free ‘Vessel’ to get started. 

Yuga Labs
Credit Yuga Labs

A new collection

In a Twitter thread, Yuga Labs revealed plans following the launch of Legends of the Mara. First, holders of Otherdeed can claim their free Vessel. Moreover, there are three types of Vessel in the form of Enchanter, Farmer, and Hunter. 

After that, there will be a process called “decoupling Kodas from Otherdeeds”. Essentially, Kodas are vital creatures to the lore of Legends of the Mara. According to their description: “Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside. In Legends of the Mara, they are by far the most adept when it comes to farming, enchanting, and hunting.” 

Using their Vessel, players will be able to explore the story of Otherside, and grow into apprentices known as Mara. According to the lore, Mara: “under the right conditions with the right catalyst, can evolve into a more skilled Kodamara”. Ultimately, the goal will be to defend Otherside from alien invaders. 

Finally, the full game launch is due for release in May. Presumably, there will be a new NFT collection to go with the game launch.

Yuga Labs strikes again

This is the latest in a string of immersive experiences curated by Yuga Labs. Following the successful launches of their Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT series, they followed up with the launch of the concept of Otherisde. Two ‘trips’ later, the Otherside is still evolving and even Gucci is getting involved.

Otherside is Yuga Labs’ own metaverse concept, which is still unfolding before our eyes. In fact, Legends of the Mara takes us one step closer to what will eventually be a fully immersive and interactive realm called Otherside. 

For now, fans of Yuga Labs can enjoy their latest experience in Legends of the Mara – due for full release in May. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Otherside: Legends of the Mara?

Otherside: Legends of the Mara (LOTM) is a 2D game fueled by ApeCoin, featuring Otherside Koda & introducing evolving Mara collection, Kodamara. Otherdeed holders receive a Vessel, with player-driven outcomes.

Who is able to participate in Legends of the Mara?

Join LOTM as an Otherdeed holder (Voyager) & claim a Vessel NFT per Otherdeed. After you claim your Vessel NFT, to play, you’ll need one Otherdeed, a Koda and/or apprentice Mara.

What is a Vessel?

Vessels, introduced in the Bone Deed trailer, are meteors for Shade support & Otherside defence. Otherdeed holders can claim one Vessel per deed, with random functions: Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting. Each Vessel has an incubation period before unveiling a function-aligned Mara.

What is a Mara?

Maras, otherworldly creatures from Vessels, are worker beings with simple tasks. They align with their Vessel’s role: Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter. As separate ERC-721 tokens, Maras have their own contract/NFT collection & can be traded on platforms upon emergence.

What can Kodas do?

Kodas, skilled keepers of Otherside, excel in Hunting, Enchanting & Farming – surpassing Mara & Kodamara abilities. Assignable to Otherdeeds for single roles, weaponized Kodas & Mega Kodas showcase their traits in battle.


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