Top 6 NFT Games You Should Try Out in 2023

Unlike other digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs are unique and cannot be exchanged for another item of equal value. This means that each NFT is truly one-of-a-kind. NFTs are used to represent digital art. They are also easily verifiable and can be tracked on the blockchain.

NFTs have massively changed the world. Even online casinos, including SlotsLV, pay attention to NFTs, as they introduce them in games. The play-to-earn gaming model is taking over the iGaming industry – innovative platforms allow users to exchange in-game assets for cryptocurrency and vice versa. This reshapes NFTs into assets that have real-life use in the video game scene that elevate the gaming experience.

In this article, we will have a look at 6 NFT games you should definitely try out in 2023.

1.   Stella Fantasy

First on our list would be Stella Fantasy. It is a premium NFT-character collectible RPG featuring fast-paced, real-time strategic team-based combat. The game was developed by the Korean studio Ring Games.

If you’ve been dreaming of something like Genshin Impact, only with the ability to earn money, then Stella Fantasy will definitely please you. The game boasts good graphics, nice animations and a huge number of cute anime girls to collect.

2.   Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, the main activity of the player will be breeding and collecting virtual pets called Axie. And it is these little animals that can be implemented using blockchain technologies.

But just like that, rolling into the world of Axie Infinity will not work. The game has a small financial requirement. In order to start playing, you will have to fork out three pets.

The characteristics of local Pokemon are determined by the rarity and degree of pumping and directly affect the final cost of Axi on the market and its combat performance. The latter, by the way, is an important aspect, since you can earn money in Axie Infinity not only by selling pets but also by participating in various competitions and battles.

3.   Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a collectible card tactical blockchain game with ex-Google and Riot Games employees behind it. A sort of Hearthstone, but only with the opportunity to sell your collection of cartons and go into the sunset.

Decks and cards in Gods Unchained are presented in the form of NFT tokens, which eliminate the possibility that developers can nerf certain cards in the next update.

The project is available to play without any investment, but with some restrictions. About 130 cards will be available to beginners, but this should be enough to understand what Gods Unchained is like and decide whether the project is worth spending your finances and time on.

4.   Mir4

Mir4 is essentially a standard mobile MMORPG with auto-battle and donations but spiced up with the ability to mine a special resource called “Dark Steel” and sell it to other players. By the way, you can sell not only steel but also characters.

However, without investment, achieving anything will be an incredibly difficult task. Plus, many players at one time complained about the abundance of various bots in the game, literally vacuuming the Mir 4 locations. The game comes with nice graphics that will only attract more players.

5.   Illuvium

Illuvium is another analogue of Pokémon with NFT tokens. Players are invited to explore a huge open world filled with illuvial monsters, which can be caught, upgraded and, of course, played off in battles with other similar monsters.

The main goal of the project is to become a master – the owner of the strongest team of illuvials and show everyone who is the real master in this world. The game is positioned as free-to-play, with the ability to sell many in-game assets, such as pets and lands.

6.   Battle of Guardians

If you thought that games with NFTs were limited to Pokemon clones and card projects, we should bring a little disharmony to your worldview. The fact is that Battle of Guardians is a full-fledged fighting game.

The project can provide the full range of gaming experiences that any representatives of this genre give. A huge roster of characters, combos, online duels and tournaments, as well as a story mode and training – it’s all there in Battle of Guardians.

The game was developed by a small team on Unreal Engine 4 and boasts a good level of graphic performance. As for the gameplay, the situation here is similar to what happens in other representatives of the genre. A newcomer to Battle of Guardians will have a hard time at first, as they will have to face those players who have long been accustomed to the project and will easily kick you all the way over and over again.

The Bottom Line

NFT games are getting bigger and bigger. However, keep in mind that investing in NFT projects is risky and dangerous for your wallet. You can always have NFT collections, but getting the necessary knowledge in advance is preferred.

If you do not have enough finances, then please refrain from spending and investing. After all, the probability of losing all your investments is extremely high.


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