Salesforce Announces New Web3 Platform

One of the biggest companies in the world is moving into Web3 with its new platform Salesforce Web3.

Software giant Salesforce is following through on its promise. The customer relationship management firm is about to launch a platform dedicated to Web3. Indeed, the company made the announcement on March 15th. The new division aims to help brands build trusted, sustainable digital communities. 

What will this entail? In essence, Salesforce Web3 will help companies create, manage and deploy non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Moreover, they will be able to do this in a trusted, scalable, and sustainable way. 

Salesforce Web3 will also allow companies to connect their Customer 360 with Web3 data. Consequently, companies can gain a deeper knowledge of how customers interact with their brand. 

Adam Caplan, Salesforce’s SVP of Emerging Technology said: We’ve seen a lot of interest from customers who want to understand and tap into this new world of Web3 and NFTs. Unique digital assets like NFTs present new avenues for brands to tap into first-party data to build digital communities, create digital twins, and drive loyalty programs.

NFT Management

The NFT Management facility helps companies create and manage NFT collections. In addition, companies will be able to view customer insights, monitor blockchain activity, and automate processes with Salesforce Flow. 

For instance, Scotch and Soda, a fashion retailer, were able to launch their Club Soda 3.0 NFT pilot program with the help of Salesforce Web3. 

Adam Caplan added: “We’re creating a safe place with an amazing user experience where customers don’t have to understand the really complicated aspects of blockchain, like smart contracts. We also built industry-leading security and trust features into our Web3 product to protect the brands, as well as their end customers. This allows them to enter the Web3 and NFT space in a safe way. In addition, they can buy directly from their trusted brand’s website as opposed to third-party marketplaces.”

NFT Management uses drag and drop tools, and is built to make the process simple and seamless.

Source Salesforce

Bridging the gap

Salesforce Web3 is also launching Web3 Connect, which allow brands to create personalized, “omnichannel experiences” across Web2 and Web3. For example, companies will get a 360-degree view of how customers interact with their NFT collections. As a result, they will gain a more intimate understanding of how their customers interact with the digital world. 

Finally, Salesforce Web3 is partnering with global consulting partners like Accenture and Deloitte Digital. Additionally, digital agencies and strategy consultants like AE Studio, Media Monks, Time, and Vayner3 are on board to assist in the implementation of Salesforce Web3. 


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