The Best M4A1-S Skins in 2023

There are a lot of weapons to be found in CS:GO. Each of them is unique, and has its own characteristics and capabilities. Some of them are very popular. A striking example of this is the M4A1-S. This rifle has numerous interesting skins that gamers want to get. Let’s focus on the popular m4a1-s skins.

Hyper Beast

On this skin, black paint has been applied to the surface of the entire assault rifle as a background. On the surface of the background, a drawing of a dinosaur-like predatory animal has been applied in bright, poisonous colors of purple, blue, red, green and blue. Now about paint wear. In the Well-Worn exterior, the paint on the muffler, back of the stock, bottom of the handle, front sight and trigger suffered the most damage. But the fact is that these scratches are not at all large and do not attract much attention to themselves.

The minimum price is $11.

Mecha Industries

On this skin, white paint has been applied to the surface of the assault rifle as a background. Black paint has also been applied in some places, along with images. Now let’s talk a little about the difference in qualities. As Well-Worn, there are no scuffs or scratches on the surface of the machine, and only in some places you can notice some darkening of the paint.

The starting price for this skin is $14.

Hot Rod

This is one of the most expensive skins for this rifle. On it, in addition to some details, chrome has been applied as a base. The handle, the inside of the telescoping butt mechanism and the barrel are covered with a thin layer of black paint. The receiver, the rest of the stock (except for the stock movement lever), the sight, the forend and the silencer are covered in a thin layer of red paint. This skin has only two exteriors: Factory New and Minimal Wear.

The price is from $455.


The skin has a below average price and is more related to the cheap skins of this automatic rifle. On this skin, the back of the buttstock, receiver, handguard, trigger guard, magazine and scope have been painted blue. The rest of the machine is painted black, and some small parts are painted white. The trigger is unpainted. There is a special forces logo too.

You can buy this skin from $16.


On this skin, the surface is painted in the form of Vietnamese camouflage. Also, on the surface of the machine there are some inscriptions of «make love not war», a peace sign and «shhh!» on the muffler.

The starting price is $0.70.

How to get skins

There are several ways to get skins. The first one is a purchase on Steam. This is the official platform of the developer, but you cannot withdraw money from your wallet. All money remains inside the system. This problem can be solved with the help of third-party platforms that allow you to withdraw money using payment systems to your personal account.

For example, it can be the DMarket platform, which offers many convenient ways to withdraw money to a personal account. At the same time, the platform itself does not take a commission; the user pays only a small commission to the payment system.

Therefore, you first need to decide your goals: to get aesthetic pleasure or to make money.


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