AI Artist Claire Silver To Showcase NFT Collection At Louvre

As traditional art museums continue to embrace the emerging digital art space, the upcoming Louvre exhibition will feature a special guest. Claire Silver, an artist that employs AI across her NFT projects, will showcase her latest collection at the Louvre Museum in Paris on March 21. This is according to a Variety report seen at the start of this week.

The new NFT collection, dubbed “Can I tell you a secret?” features an “autobiographical series of 100 post-photography pieces” that have been created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

As mentioned earlier, the exhibition is slated for later this month. It’s facilitated by Superchief Gallery, a physical gallery space based in New York and Los Angeles that specializes in showcasing NFTs.

Silver Will Showcase Another Unique Artwork At Louvre

Also, Silver will showcase a one-of-one NFT artwork titled “Love in the 4th Turning” at the exhibition. The unique artwork is based on the Strauss-Howe generational theory, which argues that “there is a recurring generational cycle of archetypes throughout history.” As of press time, the piece is available on OpenSea, with the highest bid being 44.44 WETH, or $68,150.

Love in the 4th Turning

In a recent tweet, Silver also revealed that she had signed with William Morris Endeavor (WME), a global talent agency, as its first AI artist. Both aim to work together to bring AI art to mainstream culture. Now Silver becomes the latest artist to sign for WME, which has been slowly growing its roster of non-fungible artists and developers over the past few months.

Some of the names under its wing include who is who within the NFT space such as Mack Flavelle, CryptoKitties and Dapper Labs cofounder, Valfré, an NFT artist, Non-Fungible Heroes, Boss Beauties, and many more.

Silver’s debut at the Louvre exhibition coincides with major art institutions growing interest in Web3 art. Recently, pseudonymous NFT collector and influencer Cozomo de’ Medici gave the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) several of his digital artworks to be displayed in the museum.


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