Snoop Dogg’s Web3 Presence Keeps Growing After Shiller Revelation

Legendary hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg has been one of the biggest Web3 and NFT proponents. However, how much he is involved in the space has sometimes remained a mystery, but it turns out he is much more invested than is known to the public.

Recently, it was revealed that the musician is one of the co-founders of Shiller, a Web3-powered live-streaming app. The other known figure is Sam Jones, a tech entrepreneur who is also a co-founder of the app, which serves as a “live broadcast platform.” It aims to combine Web3 technology with real-time live-streaming content. Thus, eliminating middlemen and truly empowering creators.

The Many Web3 Involvements Of Snoop Dogg

The revelation adds to the number of involvements Snoop Dogg has in Web3. In the past year alone, he has been associated with various projects within the space. Last April, the hip hop artist partnered with The Sandbox to launch his own NFT collection, dubbed “Snoop Avatars,” on its Metaverse. Later on, he would release a single titled “A Hard Working Man,” which was accompanied by a 50,000-piece NFT drop.

Four months later, in August, he would partner with Yuga Labs to perform on a Metaverse-themed stage at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Credit The Sandbox

Fast forward to the start of this month, and Snoop would be revealed as an associate of the crypto-based casino Roobet. His position is that of the “Chief Ganjaroo Officer.”

Going back to Shiller, the app utilizes Web3 technology to allow content creators to “token-gate” their streams and promote NFTs or other products from e-commerce websites. Also, these content creators get to be paid in crypto or NFTs, which they can cash out in the fiat currency of their choice.

The platform was set to launch at the start of this year, but that has been pushed back until next month.


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