Colombian Court Hosts Hearing in The Metaverse

In a new experiment, a Colombian court has held a hearing on the Metaverse. This is the first instance of its kind in the country and paves the way for more social interactions to be undertaken in Web3 spaces. The trial took place on February 15 and involved a regional transport union against the police. It was held by the Madalena Administrative Court and presided over by Magistrate Maria Quinones Triana.

The traffic dispute hearing went on for two hours, with the magistrate saying it felt more “real than a video call.” Now the case is set to progress “partly” in the metaverse, and the verdict is likely to be delivered there too.

Participants appeared as avatars in a virtual courtroom, with Quinones’ avatar dressed in black legal robes. Speaking to journalists later on, she would describe the experience as “amazing” before highlighting one benefit of having avatars represent you in the Metaverse.

“Many people turn off their cameras, you have no idea what they’re doing.”


More Trials Could Be Held On The Metaverse

Following the success of this experiment, Quiones believes there could be more hearings like this. “This is an academic experiment to show that there it’s possible… but where everyone consents to it, (my court) can continue to do things in the metaverse.”

The trial marks one of the first trials ever held in the Metaverse, with Colombia leading the way. It comes after a recent survey that found that 69% of respondents believed the Metaverse would modify social lifestyles. This is due to new approaches in entertainment and other activities.

Some experts expect the Metaverse to be fully conceptualized and built up in the next ten years. Cathy Hackl, author of Into the Metaverse: The Essential Guide to the Business Opportunities of the Web3 Era, is one of those who share this sentiment. In an interview, she notes that the “physical world side” of the Metaverse is expected to materialize “in the next 10 years.”

“And this will greatly impact how we socialize.”