LinksDAO Moves to Buy First Golf Club

The LinksDAO community are in favour of buying Spey Bay Golf Club in Scotland for around $900,000.

LinksDAO is purchasing a world class golf club for its community. Indeed, the decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) is seeking to fulfill its mission to own one of the world’s greatest golf courses. 

Following a unanimous vote from the LinksDAO community, Spey Bay Golf Club is now the target of a $900,000 offer. Moreover, the DAO will use part of the $10.5M raised from their NFT release in January 2022. 

Authors of the LinksDAO proposal said: “A primary goal of LinksDAO from the outset has been to purchase an extremely high-quality golf course for our members to call their own – shaping the course and club culture with the direction of the DAO, and creating the future of golf and leisure club in the process.”

The NFT drop

LinksDAO is a passionate golf community, who bought memberships as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. In January 2022, the DAO was established following a successful NFT sale, where all 9090 of its memberships sold out within 24 hours. According to Opensea, there are 5,306 LinksDAO NFT holders, who each own a Global Member or Leisure Member NFT. Currently, the floor price for a LinksDAO NFT is 0.3 ETH, which is around $500 USD.

As a LinksDAO member, you qualify for a host of benefits like exclusive events and access to merchandise.

Furthermore, LinksDAO members could soon be the part owners of Spey Bay Golf Club, located in Fochabers, Scotland.

Spey Bay Golf Club Credit Golf Empire

Mission accomplished

LinksDAO is an example of how a successful DAO can empower its members by leveraging NFTs. Indeed, they have been clear about their mission from the beginning. Now, they are now doing exactly what they said they were going to do – use part of their revenue to buy a golf club.

In theory, a DAO enables collective ownership and fosters a strong community. For instance, those who bought a LinkDAO NFT have had the opportunity to join IRL golf outings, and now will be the collective owners of a world class golf club.

Soon, we will see if Spey Bay Golf Club becomes the community’s first successful purchase.


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