AXA France Steps Into The Metaverse

AXA France has recently introduced a meta-gaming experience called ‘Axadia’ in The Sandbox metaverse. According to the official announcement, this innovative approach enables the wider audience to explore the company’s vision, principles, hiring procedures, and social responsibilities.

AXA France claims this unique experience is the first of its kind in the insurance and banking industry. And by providing this service, AXA joins other large institutions that have entered the Metaverse, which many estimate has the potential to become a $5 trillion market by the end of the decade.

Speaking of the move into the metaverse, the CEO of AXA France, Patrick Cohen said the company has to remain at the forefront of innovation.

“Being the leading insurer for the French requires us to remain pioneers in terms of technological innovation and therefore to explore new universes where the future of our sector may be at stake” said Cohen. “We learn, again and again, alongside those who build and bring to life the technologies of tomorrow.”

“With the launch of AXADIA, our part of The Sandbox metaverse, we are taking a new step in the knowledge of this new world and the understanding of its challenges.”

How Axadia Works

AXA France has recently joined the metaverse as a part of The Sandbox platform, creating a new area called ‘Axadia’. This area offers multiple floors with different features.

For example, visitors can take part in tests of resilience and courage in the recruitment area, or explore the innovation space if they prefer to collaborate.

The rooftop adventure showcases AXA’s commitments to society and the environment, while the museum provides an opportunity to learn about the history of the company.

There’s also a hidden level that adventurous visitors can discover. Here, they may be lucky enough to obtain an AXA NFT in the form of a shield, which is a tribute to the mission of insurers.

The experience is open until March 1, 2023, and at the end, 25 lucky participants will be randomly selected to keep their NFT AXA Shield in their wallet.

Credit Axadia

AXA France Will Donate €10,000

By participating in AXADIA, participants have the chance to earn an additional incentive. If 10,000 individuals complete the experience by March 1, the AXA Hearts in Action association will donate €10,000 to Emmaüs Connect, an association dedicated to fighting against digital and social exclusion of the most vulnerable.

AXA France is Not the First

AXA France’s move into the metaverse is a big coup for the Web3 space, but there have been several other large institutions showing their hand.

Global banking giants HSBC, Siam Commercial Bank’s SCB 10X, and Standard Chartered all have land in the Sandbox. Furthermore, German sports brand Adidas and Hip Hop legend Snoop Dog are all competing for prime land in the Sandbox metaverse.

It’s all early days, but as more large institutions make their way into the metaverse, it legitimizes the space more and more.


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