Planet IX Popularity Surges on Polygon

Planet IX is making giant strides and continues to attract new players in abundance.

Blockchain games are in a race to capture mass adoption. Indeed, one NFT game leading the pack is Planet IX. In the last month, the sales volume for Planet IX has increased nearly 100% according to DappRadar. In addition, the number of unique active wallets in the game (UAW) is steadily on the rise – up 30%.

Building a better Earth

Essentially, this free-to-play game allows you to be in the driving seat, restoring a planet to its former glory. Furthermore, NFTs are central to the game. To acquire land and assets, you need to buy NFTs. In fact, to this point, over 400 million NFTs have been sold in the game.

At present, Planet IX occupies 4th spot in the blockchain gaming rankings, behind the established giants Alien Worlds, Splinterlands and Farmers World. However, if the numbers are anything to go by – Planet IX may be the one to watch!

In fact, since Planet IX launched ‘Mission Control’ in November 2022, the game has grown in stature and popularity. Despite the cold, crypto winter, this game is emerging as a strong contender in the race for blockchain gaming mass adoption.

Credit Planet IX

Built on sustainability

Emerging from the bear market, Planet IX’s ITX token is up almost 100% in the last month. Moreover, this sharp rise in the game’s native token shows that the game is built to last through tough market conditions.

Actually, the game is based on the theme of sustainability and helping humans understand their impact on the planet. Indeed, the theme is poignant, as the real world battles an increasingly-concerning climate crisis.

In the game, players are Agents of Change (AoC), performing tasks such as cleaning up the trash on Planet IX by staking their NFT assets. In order to perform these tasks, players can use drones and in-game tools, refining them through companies like Global Waste Systems and Eternalabs.

Additionally, there is a fun PvP element to the game. In this feature, players can compile a list of other players and the waste on their properties, then choose which player to raid.

In summary, keep an eye on this rising blockchain gaming contender, built on the Polygon blockchain.


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