Limit Break Brings NFTs to the Super Bowl

Thousands of free non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be released in an advert during the first commercial break of the Super Bowl.

Blockchain gaming company Limit Break is preparing to unleash thousands of free NFTs to Super Bowl LVII viewers on February 12th.

In fact, the NFTs will be part of Limit Break’s Dragon series for the upcoming DigiDaigaku game.

The “free to own” NFT model is being pioneered by Machine Zone founders Gabe Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. In this model, players can receive NFTs for free, and own a digital asset

The advert is going live during the Super Bowl and will bring NFTs to the attention of over 50 million viewers.

Changing the paradigm

Limit Break is shaking things up in the blockchain gaming world. Last year, the startup raised $200 million, and revealed they were spending $6.5 million on the forthcoming Super Bowl ad.

Furthermore, the company has already been giving away free NFT assets for its upcoming game DigiDaigaku. 

This marks a major paradigm shift for the NFT world. Indeed, when blockchain gaming first started, you had to make a financial investment to own an NFT asset.

DigiDaigaku NFTs

However, Leydon and Nakagawa are approaching things differently. They have been vocal about their distaste for the traditional blockchain gaming structure.

Instead, they plan to give away free NFT assets, which players can utilize in the game.

Limit Break CEO Gabe Leydon said: “Limit Break’s free-to-own NFT model is literally game-changing, and these asset releases are key moments building to our upcoming Super Bowl commercial.”

“Whether you are an existing fan or new to our community, we encourage everyone to take advantage of the release of these digital collectibles during the Super Bowl broadcast on February 12.”

Impressive track record

The upcoming Super Bowl commercial is far from Leydon and Nakagawa’s first rodeo. Actually, Leydon was CEO of Machine Zone in 2016, when they secured a Super Bowl ad for the game Mobile Strike – featuring legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In addition, previous Machine Zone ads have featured a-list celebrities like Mariah Carey and Kate Upton.

Thus, Limit Break intends to onboard a global audience into the world of blockchain gaming and NFTs. To claim the NFT, viewers simply need to capture a QR code that will appear during the Super Bowl broadcast.

Finally, viewers are advised to scan the QR code quickly, as the free NFTs are limited in supply.

You can tune into Super Bowl LVII live on Sunday February 12th. Moreover, Limit Break’s NFT ad will take place during the first commercial break.


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