The FBI Seizes Over $260,000 In NTFs And Crypto

A crypto scammer by the name of Chase Senecal has been arrested by the FBI after they got a tip from a crypto scam investigator. The crypto sleuth, who goes by the pseudonym ZachXBT, followed Senecal and his scamming group for months. Eventually, he managed to trace several transactions associated with NFT hacks to him.

A forfeiture document published on February 4 by the FBI discloses that the agency was able to seize 86.5678 ETH worth $116,433 at the time. Also, they took two high-value NFTs, a BAYC #9658 worth $95,495 and a Doodle #3114 worth $9,361. In addition, a $41,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch.

It’s the Audemars watch that led to Senecal’s downfall after he used the proceeds of his scamming to purchase the watch. The address he gave out for delivery was unfortunately linked to several Discord server attacks. And that’s how he was found.

Official FBI Notification

ZachXBT reveals that Senecal, a resident of Brunswick, Maine, used the pseudonym Horror or HZ online. In a September tweet, he said: After months and months of tracking their group it’s nice to know one of the main perpetrators (Chase Senecal) for NFT/crypto phishing attacks has been identified. Others in his group like Popbob have yet to be caught Hopefully at some point victims will take legal action.

The FBI Did Not Credit The Arrest To ZachXBT

Even though the FBI has not credited the arrest to ZachXBT, his detailed account of HZ’s dealings led them to act. They managed to arrest the scammer and seize the assets on October 24, 2022. In another tweet, the crypto sleuth, who describes himself as a rug pull survivor, notes:

That said, ZachXBT links Senecal to several other hacks, like the multi-million-dollar crypto scheme that managed to compromise over 600 Discord servers and more than 12 Twitter accounts.

Crypto scam investigators specialize in uncovering and investigating fraudulent activities related to cryptocurrencies. People like ZachXBT use various methods such as analyzing transactional data, monitoring online forums, and gathering intelligence to protect the public from financial losses and hold the perpetrators accountable.


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