Nike Launches Web3 Studio for Co-Creation

Nike is inviting its community to co-create virtual sneakers in the .SWOOSH Studio.

Welcome to the .SWOOSH revolution! Yes, Nike has officially opened the doors to its new space for virtual creations. In the Web3 studio, the community is being empowered to collaborate and co-create with Nike. As a result, four winners will collaborate with Nike designers on a 1:1 virtual creation.

The #YourForce1 challenge on Instagram ran from January 26-29th, and the four winners will also receive a $5k prize.

Nike and the metaverse

Nike is a big advocate for NFTs and the metaverse. Indeed, when it comes to embracing Web3 technology and virtual worlds, Nike’s intentions have always been clear.

Initially, the company bought RTFKT Studios way back in 2021. In December 2022, Nike filed the necessary trademarks to launch its own Web3 studio. Now, the #YourForce1 challenge shows that Nike is continuing to pour its resources into the metaverse.

Credit: .SWOOSH Studio

The #YourForce1 challenge

In essence, the #YourForce1 challenge started with the creative prompt: ‘What if your story could make Air Force 1 history?’. Following that prompt, the Nike community was invited to create an Instagram mood board with several guidelines provided.

Consequently, four chosen winners of the challenge will work with Nike designers on a pair of virtual sneakers for the metaverse.

Indeed, the winners of the challenge could become part of Nike’s signature collection NFT drop. What is more, they could even gain royalties from the sales of their design.

Polygon Network the blockchain of choice

Nike’s first signature collection of virtual sneakers will be dropped on the Polygon Network. In fact, Polygon Network’s co-founder Mihailo Bjelic made a Tweet celebrating Nike’s announcement.

Polygon Network continues to be a blockchain leader for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Last year, they partnered with the luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana to launch an exclusive NFT collection.

Additionally, two top NFT collections on Solana – DeGods and y00ts – migrated to Polygon Network.

Finally, with Nike’s first virtual sneaker collection on the horizon, Polygon Network continues to dominate the world of big brands and NFTs.


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