Gala (GALA) And Zilliqa (ZIL) Make Huge Profit as Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Continues Its Bull Run

Orbeon Protocol, Gala Games, and Zilliqa are three of the currently appreciating projects in crypto space. They have all recorded impressive appreciation as they attract more interest from the crypto community.

Let’s take a look at these tokens that have defied all odds to break free from the bearish market.


GALA Records Outstanding Appreciation

GALA is the native token of Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform. Gala Games users use the GALA token as a medium of exchange, especially to pay for in-game items.

The Gala game team created the platform to revolutionize the gaming industry and give players control over their passion and games. The team’s mission is to boost blockchain games’ attractiveness and make them must-play for game lovers. Thanks to the GALA token, they can achieve their goal.

Since Gala was launched in 2019, the platform has recorded over 1.3 million active members transacting and acquiring tons of NFTs with the GALA token.

Two years ago, GALA was valued at $0.000151 but has appreciated to $0.43, making it one of the rising tokens at the moment.


ZIL Makes Huge Profits

Transaction processing and scalability are two problems hindering Ethereum’s performance. Zilliqa (ZIL) was created as a blockchain to solve these problems.

Zilliqa offers its users a great platform to build high-performing networks and applications where high transaction throughput is a necessity.

The powerful and efficient Zilliqa blockchain has an amazing transaction speed of almost 3,000 transactions per second.

Zilliqa has a network utility token: ZIL. This token is used to pay for all smart contracts executed on the Zilliqa platform as well as all transaction processing fees.

ZIL’s current price of $0.024 at press time represents an 11.08% appreciation over a 24-hour period. That pales in comparison with the over 875% appreciation ZIL recorded since it hit the lowest price of $002477 about 3 years ago.


ORBN Continues its Bullish Run

We have seen how well Zilliqa and rest performed recently. One of the biggest earners in the industry is (ORBN), Orbeon Protocol’s native currency. Orbeon Protocol was created as a crowdlending platform for investors and entrepreneurs. On the platform, users can source brilliant business ideas to invest in or meet venture capitalists for fundraising opportunities.

The Orbeon Protocol team assists its clients to raise funds by creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) it can fractionalize to reduce investment costs for prospective investors.

Through its ecosystem, the team has taken the crypto project to another level by offering its users attractive features and incentives.

The protocol’s Launchpad comes in handy for business owners to raise funds for their businesses or find investment-worthy business ideas.

Users can also buy or hold digital assets in Orbeon Wallet if they desire while Orbeon Swap is designed for community members to swap their digital assets.

During the third stage of the project, users can stake their (ORBN) tokens and earn passive income. They can also take advantage of their governance rights to contribute to the project’s growth.

The token value sits at $0.0435 which is a 987% increase from initial price, Analytics predict the token will only rise from here.

Discounts await the platform’s users while trading or giving out loans. They can earn up to 50% discount and earn cashback rewards in USDC.

The team will launch some new features such as Orbeon Exchange, Private Investor Club, and Round Table during the third stage.

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