Yuga Labs Kicks Off The Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey

After weeks of waiting, Yuga Labs has kicked off the “Trial of Jimmy the Monkey.” The event was initially announced toward the end of last month. However, it began on December 21 after a short video teaser dropped. The narrative is part of a new BAYC story that highlights the direction Yuga Labs is taking with its creations.

According to a company statement, “this is the first chapter in a new saga that will provide a first-of-its-kind experience for all BAYC and MAYC holders. Pieces of the narrative will be released along the way, pay attention to the signs – details might be important down the line. It all will come to a head in late January with a free, playable, interactive mint experience for BAYC and MAYC holders.”

Once you mint your NFTs, guard them against falling into the wrong hands, as you will need them later. The “trial is a prologue to a series of activations” that will take place in 2023.

Some of the events you can expect include “The Past, Present, Future” which kicks off on December 28. Then on January 11, “Prepare for the Mint” will kick off. A week later, on January 18, the “Multi-week Interactive Mint” will begin. And on February 8, there will be a “Mint Reveal.” From there, on a date that is yet to be announced, “The Story Continues.”

Yuga Labs’ Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey Features Different Tiers

That said, there will be different mint levels for all participants. Those that hold Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) or Mutant Yacht Club (MAYC) pieces and also hold Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) pieces find themselves in different tiers. The company adds that “there will also be an optional $APE spend mechanic, for those looking to enhance their minting experience.”

According to a chart shared on the official website, Tire 1 is composed of a Mutant Ape; Tire 2 a Mutant Ape and a BAKC. Tier 3 has a Bored Ape and Tire 4 has a Bored Ape and a BACK dog. The higher the tier, the higher the rank you attain.