Alfa Romeo Utilizing NFTs to Drive Its Ambition Towards Full EVs

With its innovative approach to data collection, Alfa Romeo looks to take the Tonale SUV’s performance and efficiency up a notch. Utilizing non-fungible token (NFT) records tracking battery life and service history, the Italian luxury car brand is striving for comprehensive insights that will uncover areas needing improvement.

Unlocking the power of blockchain in a second-hand market makes it both tangible and certifiable, ultimately setting the stage for an even better driving experience. And by storing important data in an NFT, car owners are more likely to get top dollar for their vehicles due to greater transparency around service records and performance metrics.

Alfa Romeo Aiming to Achieve Greatness Again with the Help of NFTs

Alfa Romeo is forging a new path that puts the company’s future front and center. And they’re striving for excellence in quality electric vehicles over quantity of sales, as the legendary car manufacturer makes headway into an all-electric lineup.

It’s clear, therefore, that Alfa Romeo is up to speed with the times, and ready for a fresh start by transitioning onto the blockchain in its transition towards electric cars. It has openly acknowledged its previous issues when it comes to quality control, but now they’re set on ensuring that these won’t be repeating mistakes of the past.

Speaking of the move into NFT and blockchain, Alfa Romeo head of product admitted, ‘You can get a number of sales, but without quality, you will not be credible for the next model. So we need to build up on that. Alfa Romeo has been very bad on quality for a number of years.’

Car engineering is an art and the data it relies on can be its great muse. However, Alfa Romeo aims to make the best use of data collected through NFTs secured by blockchain technology to improve their vehicles going forward.

Alfa Romeo owners can control how much or little intel they share, but with enough of them sharing it should result in creating a more comprehensive view of any vehicle’s performance.

What’s more, with an immutable NFT, car owners will have their data securely stored as a digital certificate. Recording important information from the electronic system, and offering proof of the car’s full-service history, should help maintain a higher degree of value when selling any vehicle.


Alfa Romeo is a legendary car maker even if its reputation has taken a hit in recent times. And with an ambition to be 100% electric by 2027, the Italian car maker is utilizing NFT technology to help it gain its place back at the top table.

It’s early days and the jury is out on whether NFTs are necessary, but it’s exciting to see such a prestigious brand use blockchain. It might only be used on the brand’s Tonale SUV, but if it’s a success, you can be sure it will extend to the full Alfa Romeo lineup.


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